Chaos Abounds

Game Night 62

The party found a satyr playing a flute, with a worried expression. After a bit of persuasion as to the party’s (generally) good intentions, the satyr brought Cannor, leader of the Arboreans. The RSB convinced Cannor they were going to kill Karavakos, and Cannor allowed them to search the area for more Splinters of Vyrellis. There were none, but they gained an ally when Natalia allowed Cannor to implant a seed pod in her arm. She was now one of the tribe, apparently, and more power to her.

Cannor also told the party of the locations of the remaining two splinters of Karavakos: The Abomination lived on the second level; Kravak the Damned, a Necromancer, resided on the third level of the pyramid.

But first, they had to deal with the Beast of the Pit. It was a smelly, scary, big monster in, as the name suggested, a pit. Half of the party got flung into the pit to deal with the enormous monster of death, while the others bravely stayed to fight…a couple of rats. Well, to be fair, there were like 4 of them. So…that happened.

And then Hogar flung himself down the pit, rolled down the ramp, landed, and slew the beast with a mighty blow from his flaming quarterstaff. Janster got an immediate, huge man crush on the monk, and decided to make a life change. He left the party and decided to go join Hogar’s monastery.


JesseGM Palpatim

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