Chaos Abounds

Game Night 60

The party went back to the library and climbed up on top of the bookshelves, for to explore the mysterious door there. The mysterious door opened onto a room with a mysterious statue, of a stone angel (don’t even blink).

Which wasn’t the strangest thing: they finally found one of the splinters of Karavakos, and the splinter had a key. The key (probably the Key of Knowledge, based on the runes in another room), made of admantine, was inscribed with Draconic runes: “First in hardness, not in place.” Which was a pretty riddle, to be sure.

Although it only felt like a short time since they had awoken from their last rest, Hogar had been severely wounded during the last battle, and Natalia was eager to get back to sleep. Which was weird again. They finally dragged the story out of her: When she punched the statue (?!), it seems that the statue cursed her, and she became obsessed with Danna, the hostage the party rescued a short time thereafter. The party agreed that they needed to find Danna, to return Natalia to her dour, but at least familiar, self.


JesseGM Palpatim

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