Chaos Abounds

Game Night 48

The party met with Orenthor, who was shocked—shocked!—to discover that Paldamar was in the process of betraying the city. He gave Janster a wonderful new holy symbol, and permission to slay Paldamar.

Jendar the Drow informed them that the silver leg bone they took from the minotaur skeleton was in fact, the key to the Court of Bones. He advised the RSB to see the guide Terlin Darkseeker for directions to find it. He also mentioned that he himself was after a small trinket from the Court of Bones—a large pink crystal.

Natalia finally owned up that she had picked up a mysterious silver key that was tugging her away from the city. They followed it to a mysterious door, behind which was a teleport circle guarded by an insubstantial guardian. Luckily, he was susceptible to flattery and fascinated by arcane power, and soon opened the way to the Tower of Mysteries.

The Mysteries in question turned out to be mostly a bunch of buffed up goblins who poured out of a pillar of mist, and a room full of pillars that disabled encounter and daily powers. But they died anyway. Funny how that works. After a brief rest, the RSB readied themselves to step through the pillar of mist.


JesseGM Palpatim

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