Chaos Abounds

Game Night 109

Why are there so many skulls?

Onward through Hordethrone!

Exploring the area to the east (?) of the caged undead area, the heroes came across a plaza filled with skulls, a dais with Orcus statues, and an unpleasant fellow named Arath Nightcaller:


He demanded to know what offerings they had brought for Orcus, and actually seemed like he was waiting for an answer.

Loodra’s answer, as usual, was “CHARGE!”

Arath didn’t last long, and honestly didn’t put up much of a fight. The howling skulls, Nightwalker, and Demonic Flameskull were more of a problem.

Eventually they were all killed (or fled, in the case of the Flameskull).

Loodra started messing with one of the Orcus statues, but thought better of it when it’s eyes started glowing red.

They continued south and ran across a very odd sight, what appeared to be a stockyard for zombies. It was run by an old hag named Gyldra, and her muscle “Gorehorn” (or just “Gory” for short), a Huge Goristro demon. She had a butcher shop where she dissected zombies and sold their parts. Gorehorn had a huge claw device on what can only be described as a zombie fishing pole, hanging out over the river of zombies.

They were about to attack like they normally do, but Gyldra motioned them over in a friendly manner, and Starvall said she could be trusted…so they walked over and did a little business. Loodra bought some zombie parts, and Gyldra offered to perform healing rituals (or a divination). They weren’t interested, but they learned that Gyldra has no love for Zirithrian, and they made a deal with Gyldra: if they defeated Zirithrian she’d give them something magical she kept hidden nearby.


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