Talking weapon (was a sword, now a great axe)

weapon (melee)

Nightbringer is a +5 vicious weapon with the following properties and powers.

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical: +5d12 damage.

Property: A creature struck by Nightbringer loses its necrotic immunity and resistance, if any, until the end of the next short rest it takes.

Property: You lose vulnerable radiant, if you have that weakness.

Property: You can speak Abyssal and read its script.

Property: Undead take a –2 penalty on all attacks against you.

Property: If you suffer an effect from an undead creature that a save can end, you can make a saving throw against it immediately upon gaining the effect.

Power (Daily ✦ Charm): Lord of the Shambling Dead. Standard Action. Close burst 5; all undead in the burst with a level lower than yours are dominated (save ends).

Power (Encounter ✦ Healing): Devourer of Souls. No action. When you reduce a foe to 0 or fewer hit points with Nightbringer, you regain one healing surge.


“This is the sword Nightbringer. Once it served Orcus, but now it seeks vengeance against the Lord of the Undead.”

Each of the lesser courtiers of Orcus, the first exarchs he forged in his great battles against the gods, received one mighty artifact. The Lord of Zombies received Nightbringer, a weapon supposedly forged from a single drop of blood shed by the Chained God when he cut himself on the mote of absolute evil that formed the Abyss.


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