Chaos Abounds

Game Night 95

Undead Slime? Seriously?

The heroes decided they needed a rest, and decided to sleep in the haunted temple (inside the House of Despair).

The rest did not go well.

Less than an hour into the first watch, large floating cloud monsters flew silently out of a pit and tried to eat everyone.

As the fight continued, it became apparent that the clouds were ghostly slimes or oozes of some kind. Apparently, undead slimes are an actual thing.

They were also insubstantial, phasing, flying and really hard to hit.

And they caused weakness when they hit.

Oh, and they split into two clouds when they were bloodied (apparently that’s how undead slime reproduces?).

Nef cursed one to prevent it from attacking until they’d killed the first one (two?). He also used his stream of life to keep everyone healed up to a decent level (apparently by spraying blood all over them).

Once the heroes switched to attacks that targeted Fortitude (those that could at least), they started hitting a lot more.

Also, at some point Ven noticed that the door they entered the room through was no longer there.


JesseGM JesseGM

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