Chaos Abounds

Game Night 77

Karavakos is dead!

The door/lock/key puzzle at the top of the stairs proved to be quite simple for our heroes. They had it figured out in no time, and got it right on the first try.

When the 3 doors opened, they were immediately met by shadowy copies of what appeared to be Karavakos. This was somewhat confirmed the first time Karavakos solidified at one of their locations and blasted the party with an Icy blast which did a lot of damage and froze several people.

The next thing that gave them trouble were some large faces on the walls of one of the rooms connected to the entrance hallway. The faces screamed at the heroes, and kept dazing them. Eventually someone managed to close the door.

Meanwhile, Loodra had clobbered a bunch of the shadows with her super charging powers, and Alissa blasted a bunch more with her beguiling strands.

Shortly, the heroes had destroyed all the shards and were facing Karavakos directly, in a room with shadowy stones and pulsating orbs of electricity. These turned out to be death traps. Once you were next to one of them, it was impossible to get away from them on your own…and they kept doing damage each round.

Hogar managed to pull Loodra away from one of them before she got too beat up, and Wynne and Alissa kept pounding on Karavakos while Nef tried to keep everyone from dying.

And then Karavakos stepped onto the top of the pyramid shaped dais, and began channeling all the energy of the pyramid through him. Things got a bit dire when Nef and Wynne were pushed into one of the electric “flypaper” orbs, stunning them, and knocking Wynne unconscious. One more round next to the orb would kill Wynne.

But, lo and behold, Karavakos’s only effective attacks were ranged, and he couldn’t move away from Hogar and Loodra without also stepping away from the power that was keeping him alive. So, he used a ranged burst attack on Hogar and Loodra, giving them both an opportunity attack. Lo and behold, Loodra rolled a crit, killing Karavakos!

Karavakos exploded, but didn’t cause too much damage. Wynne missed a death saving throw, but eventually they stopped her from bleeding out, took a rest, and then healed her.

And the explosion also blew a hole in the walls of the pyramid. Freedom!


JesseGM JesseGM

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