Chaos Abounds

Game Night 72

Battle Wights suck (your soul)

After a comparatively uneventful sleep in the room with the leering demon faces, the heroes climbed the stairs to level 3 of the Pyramid.

They found a crypt like room with “malevolent darkness” filling it, but their magic lamp kept it lit up fairly well.

Loodra started poking around in a burial niche to see if should find any loot among the bones, she started taking damage. The rest of the party came up and joined her in taking damage until Wynne pointed out the Charnel Rat chilling in the pile of bones, causing everyone nearby to rot slowly. It scampered away into a crack in the wall once it was noticed.

When Loodra attempted to kick in the door opposite of the one they came in, she bounced off of it most unexpectedly (doors usually just splinter when Loodra decides to break them). And then the fun began.

The door they entered through, slammed and locked, and another door that they couldn’t see directly creaked open creepily. Then a pack of Charnel Rats came scurrying out of the burial niches and started chewing on ankles and annoyingly rotting the heroes’ flesh.

Soon after a Frightful Wraith appeared through a wall and started moaning and wailing and dazing everyone.

And then, the Battle Wights appeared. They liked to drain souls (healing surges) and reap them.

Eventually all the enemies died, as the always do. But the Wights drained enough healing surges that the party needed another rest (even though they didn’t use most of their daily powers). They did manage to find some treasure, including a nice new magic crossbow for Wynne.

Then they decided to barricade themselves in the crypt where the Battle Wights were resting…

I’m sure that will be an enjoyable night’s rest…


JesseGM JesseGM

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