Chaos Abounds

Game Night 42

Natalia, displaying an unusual reserve completely opposite of her nature, stealthily approached a door and opened it a crack, whereupon the hyenas inside noticed her. Reverting to form, she kicked in the door and it was, as they say, on.

Jett rushed in where angels (or at least Janster) feared to tread, and received 4 arrows in his torso for his trouble. A group of gnolls were using a tethered boar for target practice, but Jett was an even more tempting target. The assembled hyenas and gnolls fought valiantly for a group of, essentially, dogs, but after getting pierced, blinded, pushed into burning hay bales and caught on fire, their resistance, as well as their armor, crumbled.

As the party attempted to rest, a small quasit messenger of Demogorgon appeared to swindle the party out of a couple hundred gold for basically useless advice like, “The guardian in the Proving Grounds likes poison,” and “There is not a safe place to take an extended rest in this dungeon.” Stupid quasit.

The party next attempted to heal the boar because Janster wanted a cool pig to ride, but the Rainbow Scarf Brigade is better known for their skills at killing rather than animal husbandry. The boar gored Natalia, who retaliated furiously, and ran out of the Well.

A surprisingly uneventful rest allowed the party to regain their strength, they found a pair of tieflings waiting for nobody in particular. Actually, it turns out they were swindlers, and they were waiting for “a gnoll priestess” whom the party decided to ambush. The RSB shook the tiefling thieves down for their lunch money and sent them on their way.

Unfortunately, even a potion of mimicry couldn’t fool the intended victim, and the barlgura in the next room jumped out to turn it into a surprise party.

Natalia made short work of the “priestess,” who turned out to be a demon gnoll of some kind.

The surprise party got even more surprising when the tieflings (remember the tifelings?) returned and stabbed Wynne two different times. With poisoned blades. But the RSB had the last laugh, as Natalia, still disguised as one of the tieflings, taunted his brother, who watched the original tiefling die horribly before his eyes. The surviving thief escaped, no doubt vowing horrible revenge against the cursed Rainbow Scarf Brigade.

And that’s how you do drama.


JesseGM Palpatim

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