Chaos Abounds

Game Night 108

Poison and zombies and wights, oh my

After an undisturbed nap, the heroes decided on a frontal assault of the big demon beyond the big wall.

He was just minding his own business when Loodra charged him, climbed the platform he was on and smacked him upside the head.

He responded by breathing a huge cloud of poison which stuck around for the rest of the combat. Opaque, green, nasty poison.

Half the party followed Loodra in, while the other half hung back. Slaughter Wights popped out of some of the cages, and exploding zombies climbed out of others.

One wight managed to bottle up most of the non-melee combatants for the first half of the combat, forcing Maarth to end up tanking (badly) for a while, to keep it off the squishies.

The poison cloud was very annoying, and the long whip was very effective, as it kept yanking people into the poison cloud (and sometimes off the ground as well).

There were a few close calls, but nothing Nef couldn’t heal up, and once all the supporting zombies and wights were gone, the demon couldn’t stand up to the onslaught of the entire party for long.


JesseGM JesseGM

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