Chaos Abounds

Game Night 103

The return of Ven!

After a nice rest in a creepy pleasure den, the heroes set out for the Temple of Lolth.

As they moved through the town-like area in front of the temple, they were attacked by lots of undead and demons: a pack of Drow Ghoul minions, a Ghoul Eyebiter, 2 Vrocks (bird demons), and a Nightwalker.

Oh, and an Abyssal Breach, which grabbed bloody things and sucked them into the abyss for a bit.

The Vrocks weren’t very tough, for big scary looking demons (other than occasionally being resistant to some damage).

The ghoul eyebiter caused a bit of trouble with his Eye of Doresain attack, but was mostly an annoyance rather than a threat.

The Nightwalker was tough, but a well timed debuff from Nef combined with a lot action points knocked it down pretty quickly (over 300 points of damage in 1 round!!! a party of mostly strikers can dish out a lot of damage quickly).

Oh, and then Ven decided to poke the abyssal breach. Just because he could? Other than being cold and blind for a bit, he wasn’t really impacted by it much. Probably not a good place to visit for very long though.


JesseGM JesseGM

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