Chaos Abounds

Game Night 102

Why is there so much blood?

After a quick rest, our heroes stormed the house that was guarded by all the demons.

The foundation was cracked, which was probably because of the enormous stone statue of Orcus that somehow was inside of it. It wasn’t quite clear if it appeared through a portal, or just grew up out of the blood soaked ground, but in any case it seems to have damaged the house’s foundation.

Inside were a large undead spider, an an Immolith (a fiery, undead demon, made up of other demon body parts), and some more of the carnage demon minions.

The Immolith could cause a lot of damage quickly, since it burned everything next to it. It also had a reach 4 attack that dragged victims next to it. Fortunately, it couldn’t take a lot of damage, and went down quickly under the onslaught of the striker heavy party.
The scary spider hung around a bit longer, but it wasn’t really a match for the heroes either, especially once its healer went down (the Immolith).

Loodra started bashing on the Orcus statue (as she likes to do), and Alissa sensed energy streaming out of it while she pounded on it. After a bit of investigative work, Alissa figured out that this statue was powering some portals or planar breaches of some kind in other parts of the city. She thinks they’ll probably dissipate eventually, after Loodra broke the statue.

On to the nearby slave quarters (what is it with Drow and slaves?). Lots of undead were inside, plus some more of the creepy spider legs, plus a new creepy spider thing which liked to shoot webs out and drag its victims back to it. The heroes made pretty short work of the lot of them. After a look around, they found a lot of blood but nothing of much value.

On to the Priestesses quarters. Inside were lots of silk curtains, and some statues that turned out to be Drow Vampire Spawn holding very still. Hogar poked one and it attacked. The vampires weren’t much of a threat, but the Sword Wraith and Banshees were nasty. At one point, Alissa was prone, bloodied, and immobilized at the feet of the Sword Wraith (yikes!), and Nef and Hogar both got knocked off the 20 foot ledge (Squib helped Nef, somehow picking him up and moving him towards the stairs).

And then the Vampire lady showed up. Was she the priestess? She attempted to dominate Loodra, but Loodra’s magic protection knocked it down to dazed (likely preventing her from murderizing her friends). The Vampire lady didn’t really have much luck hurting people after that, but she seemed pretty tough and hard to hit. When the rest of her allies were all dead or about to fall, she blew a kiss at Hogar and Loodra, then turned into mist and flew away. The fight was over seconds later.

In the next room was a very disturbing scene. A pool of blood had been filled from the slashed throats of 8 victims. It didn’t look like they had put up a fight. Dominated? Fanatics? Who knows.

Behind the pool of blood was a blood red portal leading…somewhere else. It appears to be stable.

The heroes found a secret room full of pillows, and are hoping they can hide in there long enough to get an extended rest.


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