Chaos Abounds

Game Night 48

The party met with Orenthor, who was shocked—shocked!—to discover that Paldamar was in the process of betraying the city. He gave Janster a wonderful new holy symbol, and permission to slay Paldamar.

Jendar the Drow informed them that the silver leg bone they took from the minotaur skeleton was in fact, the key to the Court of Bones. He advised the RSB to see the guide Terlin Darkseeker for directions to find it. He also mentioned that he himself was after a small trinket from the Court of Bones—a large pink crystal.

Natalia finally owned up that she had picked up a mysterious silver key that was tugging her away from the city. They followed it to a mysterious door, behind which was a teleport circle guarded by an insubstantial guardian. Luckily, he was susceptible to flattery and fascinated by arcane power, and soon opened the way to the Tower of Mysteries.

The Mysteries in question turned out to be mostly a bunch of buffed up goblins who poured out of a pillar of mist, and a room full of pillars that disabled encounter and daily powers. But they died anyway. Funny how that works. After a brief rest, the RSB readied themselves to step through the pillar of mist.

Game Night 47

And then the party claimed their reward, which was, unsurprisingly, another battle against some gnoll-like demons who were preparing to sacrifice some lovely human women for the purposes of rededicating Baphomet’s altar. The party put the Well of Demons in their rearview and headed back to town.

Game Night 46


Combat was violent, bloody, and long. They fixed the dragon’s wagon pretty well, even with the giant ball of black spiky force mowing people down as it went around the path.

Game Night 45

Jett decided to stay in the closet, which raised a couple of eyebrows. The rest of the party proceeded to a room filled with mirrored pillars which were, on the whole, Bad News. One of the mirrored pillars teleported Natalia to the extreme other end of the hall, one of them drained life from the hapless victim, and one simply transported the unfortunate being who gazed into it to a remote sealed room, populated only by a starving, crazed gnoll. The rest of the party fought their way through a contingent of skeleton guards, doing their best to avoid damage from the occasional mirror-spawned potshot. Taking a leaf from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast’s book, Natalia wrapped a large curtain around her head to make her way back to the party without being affected by the mirror. The party later determined that all they’d had to do was close their eyes, but everybody had a good hearty chuckle through their bloodied teeth.

After exploring a room with colored pools (This one tastes like poison resistance! This one tastes like poison!), the party made a blood sacrifice into the well to see if they could attract the attention of the oh-so-annoying quasit. They did, and he answered a few questions for them.

The guardian was big, ugly, and would be summoned when the party placed their artifacts (blade, book, tome and mask) on the circles at the same time. If they succeeded in defeating the guardian, they’d get to proceed into the inner sanctum, where they could expect a warm welcome from a bunch of Baphomet supporters intent on sacrificing some human victims.

So, everybody lay down your artifact, on three! One, two…

Game Night 44

The party found themselves in a hall filled with howling pillars, which is not a recommended vacation spot in the Zagat guide. In addition to being terrible singers, the pillars tended to teleport people to random locations within the hall, such as next to a Balgura. Luckily, the pillars were equal-opportunity howlers, teleporters, acid spitters, pushers, and energy beamers, and attacked the enemies at least as often as the party. Eventually, they escaped with the bell.

Oh, did we forget to mention the bell? The one whose handle is covered with spikes that Natalia inexplicably felt the need to grab by the spiky end, thus driving those spikes into her hand, which was not, in fact, resistant to spikes. Despite having to drag her bodily from the room, the party did retrieve the bell and spent the night safely in a closet.

Game Night 43

Ghosts, as a rule, are not very helpful in the Well of Demons. The ghosts the RSB chatted with were no different, although the fighter seemed fairly impressed with Hogar’s repeated feats of strength. They couldn’t be persuaded to help the party, but grudgingly informed them that the area where they were now standing contained the remaining three items (blade, mask and bell, for those of us keeping track). They further informed the party that each of the items had to be placed on their appropriate magic circle at the same time. Which seemed sort of challenging, now that one thought about it.

The party went to the first chamber, which was filled with, essentially, a lake of blood and some ghoul zombie things. Alyssa’s mage hand did the lifting and retrieved the blade from across the chamber, but not before the ghoul zombie things had done some pretty significant damage. The party retreated to the safety of the antechamber to heal and regain their powers.

Which was when the barlgura attacked. Thanks, Fate!

Game Night 42

Natalia, displaying an unusual reserve completely opposite of her nature, stealthily approached a door and opened it a crack, whereupon the hyenas inside noticed her. Reverting to form, she kicked in the door and it was, as they say, on.

Jett rushed in where angels (or at least Janster) feared to tread, and received 4 arrows in his torso for his trouble. A group of gnolls were using a tethered boar for target practice, but Jett was an even more tempting target. The assembled hyenas and gnolls fought valiantly for a group of, essentially, dogs, but after getting pierced, blinded, pushed into burning hay bales and caught on fire, their resistance, as well as their armor, crumbled.

As the party attempted to rest, a small quasit messenger of Demogorgon appeared to swindle the party out of a couple hundred gold for basically useless advice like, “The guardian in the Proving Grounds likes poison,” and “There is not a safe place to take an extended rest in this dungeon.” Stupid quasit.

The party next attempted to heal the boar because Janster wanted a cool pig to ride, but the Rainbow Scarf Brigade is better known for their skills at killing rather than animal husbandry. The boar gored Natalia, who retaliated furiously, and ran out of the Well.

A surprisingly uneventful rest allowed the party to regain their strength, they found a pair of tieflings waiting for nobody in particular. Actually, it turns out they were swindlers, and they were waiting for “a gnoll priestess” whom the party decided to ambush. The RSB shook the tiefling thieves down for their lunch money and sent them on their way.

Unfortunately, even a potion of mimicry couldn’t fool the intended victim, and the barlgura in the next room jumped out to turn it into a surprise party.

Natalia made short work of the “priestess,” who turned out to be a demon gnoll of some kind.

The surprise party got even more surprising when the tieflings (remember the tifelings?) returned and stabbed Wynne two different times. With poisoned blades. But the RSB had the last laugh, as Natalia, still disguised as one of the tieflings, taunted his brother, who watched the original tiefling die horribly before his eyes. The surviving thief escaped, no doubt vowing horrible revenge against the cursed Rainbow Scarf Brigade.

And that’s how you do drama.

Game Night 41

After defeating a Phalagar, Ghouls and Cavern Chokers, the RSB followed Natalia through another kicked-in door and easily dispatched some Gnolls and hyenas.

What was it that the statues in the entry hall said?

Mask, bell, blade, and tome.

Game Night 40

All the dwarf wanted was a good night’s sleep. Honestly, was that too much to ask?

I mean, the day had been busy. Fighting tieflings and bronze things and who knows what else kind of takes it out of a guy. Not to mention all these whiny adventurer types were constantly getting themselves hurt, and then who do they look for when it’s time to send some blessedly sweet healing their way. Janster, that’s who.

So you’d think, you’d hope, you’d assume that, just as a matter of general principal, they would listen to Janster’s very polite requests for an uninterrupted night of sleep. That, it goes without saying, turned out not to be the case.

After being woken by a pack of wild hyenas, then again by—of all things—a zombie devil flyer thing, a skeleton minotaur and a wight, they finally agreed to return to the inn for a beauty sleep. It may not have looked it, but Janster greatly valued his beauty sleep.

Rested and refreshed, Janster joined the rest of the RSB to let Oronthor know what they’ve found about Paldamar. He was upset, and asked the team to bring Paldamar to justice. The RSB happily promised to do the same, and convinced Oronthor to throw in a magic item to help them with their quest.

The party descended into the Underdark and wound their way through the Labyrinth. Eventually, they came to a big chamber, where they were greeted by a booming voice which greeted them as seeker’s of Baphomet’s glory. The words “mask, bell, blade and tome,” faded away as the party fell under attack.

Game Night 39

The Trading Post was disappointingly empty, except for a nice hairbrush and a note from Murkelmore Grimmerzhul: “Kedhira, purchase additional provisions to feed our new merchandise.” Fine. They proceeded to the completely innocent and not at all suspicious nighttime meeting.

To everyone’s utter astonishment, it turned out that the meeting was a trap. After overcoming their initial shock, the Brigade fought a bloody battle against a Bronze Warder and a couple of Tiefling spellcasters with a nasty teleportation habit. While the RSB tried to intimidate the Tiefling they left alive, he turned out to be made of sterner stuff, and peremptorily ended the interrogation by thrusting his own throat onto Natalia’s sword. Nonetheless, the party found a couple of letters from Paldamar that confirmed Oronthor’s worst fears: Paldamar was in league with the gnolls, and was up to something nasty. The party debated whether to proceed with a frontal assault or try to infiltrate the Gnolls to try and stir up trouble, and decided to play it by ear, after a rest.


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