Chaos Abounds

Game Night 32
The Chamber of Eyes

After some brief exploring of the Seven Pillared Hall, taking care of some merchant business (to hold up appearances), and make a trade with Gendar, the Drow trader in Curiosities, the heroes headed to the Chamber of Eyes (following the directions given to them by Rendil Halfmoon).

The entrance was easy to spot:
Chamber of eyes entrance

The entrance chamber was empty and quiet, but there were goblins behind a large double door.

After a fairly easy battle with the guards just inside the entrance (including one that ran away and hasn’t been seen again), the heroes were feeling cocky. So after exploring the 2 rooms just behind the main doors, they decided to kick open the large doors to the temple (or at least a former temple, converted into a slaver’s hold).
Chamber of eyes main hall

They might have been a bit too overconfident.

After an epic battle with fiends appearing from all around them, they triumphed. But Wynne and Natalia were both on death’s door (and both unconscious simultaneously at one point).

After a brief rest to mend their wounds…what will they do next?

Game Night 31

Market day! The lights, the colors, the flowers!

Actually, it turned out to be not so interesting. The RSB picked up goods from Baerwin to sell in Thunderspire. Valthrun teleported the party to Fallcrest, where they set out east on the Trade Road.

After an uneventful (really? yes, really) trip, they arrive in Thunderspire. A dark, long, twisty passage leads them into the heart of the mountain. The side passages seem quiet and unoccupied, but a dim light leads the party to a room populated by hobgoblin slavers. A failed bluff leads to a battle, which naturally leads to a bunch of dead hobgoblins and a rescued halfling. Rindel Halfmoon, for that was his name, explained that he had been following the Blood Reavers around for the past day or two. He offered to show the party around the Seven Pillared Hall. He escorts the RSB to his aunt’s inn, to get food and lodging for the evening.

Game Night 30
Day Trip to the Underdark

As told by Alissa’s cat (aka, Monsterbait), to Valthrum’s familiar (Crafty the Homonculus)

People are weird. I mean, my master is ok, but the rest of that bunch are just strange.

Yesterday they stumbled into the Underdark.

What? No way!

No really, the Underdark, no more than 5 miles from here! Seriously!


And then they sent me out in a rickety old boat, across a ginormous lake filled with black water. No, seriously. They put me in this boat that’s at least 500 years past it’s due date, tied a rope to it, and shoved me into the lake. And, of course, while I was out there, all alone in the dark, they were attacked by bats or something, and they forgot about me, and these big lobsters with tentacles ripped the boat apart and tried to eat me. Icky looking things.

So today, we go back to the same place, and they use some fancy magic ritual to walk across the water.

Oh, yeah, Valthrum had me fetch that one for him last night, Water Walk. I wondered what that was for.

And, of course, the big lobsters with tentacles attack them. That was kind of exciting for a bit but I just hid in Alissa’s pocket while this was going on, cause no one thought to put one of these spells on me, of course.

Yeah, tell me about it, Valthrum forgets I even exist except when he needs one more hand to hold something, or help with some ritual, or go find some scroll he’s misplaced, or get him a drink, or something.

So, yeah, anyways, they found this HUGE stone door, with a bunch of funky writing on it. And statues of dragons and stuff all around it. I’m pretty sure some of them were supposed to be Tiamat.

ooooh, really…you don’t say…

Yeah, and they tried to open the door, and that was kind of funny. I think the monk almost ruptured something trying to force it open. And then the thiefy types tried to use their little picks on it. As if! It was obviously magically locked. I mean, seriously, what self respecting arcanist is going to lock a door with magic that could be picked by a thief?

snort yeah, I wish I could have watched that

So then, after making some copies of the writing and etchings of some of the artwork, they threw their water walk ritual again, and headed off across the water. They were about halfway back across when the Drow spotted something back by the door. She said something about “icky goblins”, or something like that…maybe it was “corrupted”. Anyhooo, I honestly thought she was going to go back and try to kill them and then get stuck on the wrong side of the water. Seriously, as often as that Drow gets into trouble like that, I really thought she was going to charge the goblins…but the rest of them talked her down, and then they just came back here.

Well, at least you get to travel around. I haven’t been outside the gates of this village in over 30 years. Heck, I don’t think I’ve been farther than the Temple or the Tavern in at least 10 years.

Ooh, yeah, that must get kinda boring. But you’ve all those cool books and scrolls to look at though…?

Yeah, that’s kinda neat I guess. Just wish he’d get some new ones. I’ve read all of these at least a dozen times each.

Well, we did bring back a copy of that funky writing on the door. And I think we’re supposed to be bringing something back from that stormy mountain place for Valthrum. Maybe we’ll find something cool for you to read there too.

oooh, yeah, that would be nice. When you leaving?

Tomorrow I think, right after the people go talk to someone at the market…

Game Night 29

Some people drop by to borrow a cup of sugar. The Rainbow Scarf Brigade stops by to investigate dark, garbage strewn holes and clear them of monsters.

Like gelatinous cubes, for example. A pair of cubes were living large, dining on kobold garbage and the occasional unwary adventurer-type. “Were” being the operative word; the party made pretty short work of them. A secret door opened into an odd tunnel that opened into an odd cave that was, oddly, part of the Underdark. The party survived an ambush by swarms of bats, but were stymied by the mysterious underground lake. Alyssa’s familiar scouted in one of the decrepit boats, but beyond getting attacked by giant crawdads, found nothing to report.

Slightly disheartened, the party returned to town.

Game Night 28

The only good giant crawling magical cannon is a dead giant crawling magical cannon. Faced with that inescapable truth, the party decided to dismantle the artillery and hightail it to Winterhaven. Before they activated the scroll, they were attacked from above by a drake dropping a sack of disembodied hands on them. You know, like you see from time to time. The drake rider turned out to be a tenacious shadowy fellow, but he went down all the same.

They stepped through the portal, ended up in Winterhaven, where everything was strangely unfamiliar. After reacquainting themselves with everyone, they decided to help the oddly disabled residents with their endless problems.

  • Rescue slaves for Lord Padraig
  • Map the Labyrinth for Valthrun
  • See Gendar the drow merchant for Baerwyn

They planned to leave after market day.

Game Night 27

Nothing refreshes like a short rest in a squalid cave.

Opening the door and clambering down the rocky shelves, the stealthy scouty people saw a group of ogres lumbering down the canyon. Accommodating fellows that they were, the bad guys walked right into the blast patches the Brigade laid on the ground. The ogres dropped relatively quickly, fearsome though they were. Then came the main event: a squad of orcs escorting a walking catapult.

A tough battle ensued, with much blood spilled, not least by the artillery’s barrage of shadow magic. But in the end the RSB defeated the escort and set about examining the strange magical cannon.

Game Night 26

Time to get back to civilization. Lantern didn’t exactly qualify as civilization, but it kept the party warm and dry overnight.

Back in Overlook, the RSB explained what had happened, collected rewards and gratitude, as well as another quest: the orcs were attacking Bordrin’s watch. The party reprovisioned and set out the next morning.

At the watch, they discovered the orcs were bringing in a mysterious catapult that had the dwarfs worried. The party quickly volunteered for the suicide mission because hey, that’s what Heroes do.

Apparently, Heroes also give large amounts of blood to stirges lurking in dark caves at the bottom of a slippery slide. They eventually triumphed, though, and set about trying to open the giant door that led to the secret exit.

Game Night 25

Nexus: closed.

Tusk: slain.

Many, many, many minions: also slain.

Party: exhausted.

Game Night 24

“They have a cave troll.”

Not that it did them any good. It wasn’t the easiest fight the party ever had, but they prevailed in the end and finally got the rest they had been craving.

After the rest, the party found the unfortunate remains of The Slayers, who clearly came off worse in a fight with the cave troll before the Rainbow Scarf Brigade showed up.

Inexplicably, the instructions for sealing the path were on a tapestry in the chapel. The water pipes led to a huge chamber filled with catwalks, mysterious tunnels, huge pipes, and mysterious sounds.

They had arrived at The Nexus.

Game Night 23

Janitor caught up with the party, just in time to make a series of really spectactularly bad suggestions. First was, “Let’s boldly move through the center of the trap-infested room,” followed by “Let’s try a Thievery check on this mysterious panel,” and ending up with, “Let’s open this door in the middle of combat and fight the orcs on the other side!”

So, not the best idea he ever had. Probably not as bad as the decision to attack the fire beetles, though.

But the party prevailed, despite a series of missed attacks and loads of damage. Quick treasure check and opening the hot water valves and the party settled down to rest.


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