Chaos Abounds

Game Night 8

After a quick team meeting (all charts are moving up and to the right), the party was attacked by giant jumping spiders. It took some doing, and Jett went down, but after a surprising, and disturbing transformation from Krysst the kobold acolyte to save him, the party was able to dispose of them. The battle standard proved its worth.

The party continued to the kobold cave where they recuperated. Wynne and Thoven woke up feeling much more skillful, and a white-eyed crow suddenly flew into the cave and landed on Thoven’s shoulder.

The party cautiously approached the hobgoblin’s lair. A squad of hobgoblins lined the road waiting to ambush them, but none of the party was surprised. The hobgoblins put up a tough fight, bloodying several of the party members, but in time the party killed most of them, and forced two of them to surrender. As the party rounded the ridge on which the hobgoblin archers had been perched, they found three bound and gagged humans, mutely begging for release from their captivity.

Game Night 7
That's a big kobold

After an extended rest in the long hall between 2 pits, Natalia, Wynne and Hogar discovered their vision was getting worse.

They found a staircase that spiraled down into the darkness (further than the Drow could see with her fading eyesight). It appeared that the Kobolds dumped their trash down there. They decided to investigate that another time.

Thovin explored the small passageway carved out above the waterway entering from the north. He found the source of the water (a spring seeping from the roof), and several branching tunnels. He also found a kobold that was keeping watch (but not very well). He tried to hit it with a bolt of energy, and missed. It retreated down the hallway, and through an archway covered by a heavy curtain.

Thovin bravely pulled back the curtain and was face to face with a group of kobold warriors, with the biggest kobold he’d ever seen behind them. He was 5 feet tall, and wearing Plate mail. He managed to intimidate them, and delay them just long enough to run back out to the rest of the party and let them know what he’d seen. He then tried to lure the Kobolds out into an ambush, but the Chieftain was more convincing.

While the rest of the party was taking up positions to attack the Kobolds, Natalia went exploring, and found a room full of Kobold women and children. She snuck in and swiped a baby Kobold, and tried to use it as bait to lure out the Chieftain’s forces (unsuccessfully), then released it back to it’s mother.

The fight began, and Hogar took the brunt of the first round of attacks, bringing him very close to death. After a fierce battle, the adventurers prevailed, but when it was all done, Hogar and Jett had 5 hit points between them, Natalia was bloodied, and Wynne was wounded for the first time ever.

After a short rest, they pressed on, and found a temple (to Tiamat), and a Kobold Priestess that was pleading for peace. She claimed a Kobold Chieftain and his warriors had moved in and taken control of the Kobold warren, and were the ones responsible for the attacks on the caravans and missing people. She thanked the adventurers for killing him so they could return to a more peaceful existence, and offered them gifts in exchange for not wiping out the rest of the warren.

After some negotiations, Slyyssa agreed to help heal the 3 people going blind, and send a Kobold Acolyte (Krysst) back to Winterhaven to negotiate a truce with Lord Padraig.

On the way back, the Kobold they captured previously (Skritch) agreed to show them the path to the Hobgoblin camp, after Krysst talked with him for a bit. They then released Skritch to return to the Kobold Warren.

Back in the Tavern, they ran into Valthrun the Prescient and got him to translate a note they found (written in Goblin). It was from Kalarel (who was killed a few weeks before the party arrived), and mentioned a spy.

Game Night 6
Kobolds are tougher than they look

Natalia escaped from the kobold ambush by shadow walking.

But the kobolds put up quite a fight, forcing the adventurers to retreat all the way out of the dungeon, with more than one of them bloodied.

They took a much needed extended rest to heal and recuperate, then ventured back inside.

The kobolds had been busy during their break, and set traps (vials of acid balanced on the back sides of all the doors).

After being covered in acid by several traps, they wised up, and started setting them off from a distance.

They found some old barracks, built long ago.

They also found a large iron chest in one of the barracks. It was trapped, but they managed to get it unlocked and opened without setting it off (finding a fair amount of gold, and a suit of magic armor). Then they tried to recover the poison from the chest, and almost had it (with Wynne and Hogar aiding Natalia). But, at the final step of removal, something went wrong, the vial broke, and all three were afflicted with some kind of wasting poison that targeted their eyes (but didn’t cause anything too serious right away).

They also found some secret tunnels hidden in 2 of the barracks. The tunnels were very small, so Thovin went into one of them first, but turned around when it started to get dark and twisty. Natalia crawled in a bit further, and very sneakily crawled right through a roomful of kobolds…which she didn’t spot until she was on her way back out. Fortunately for her, they were completely oblivious to her incursion into their tunnels and she escaped back to the barracks. The hidden tunnel in the other barracks led to a similar situation, so Natalia just crawled right back out.

After a little more exploring, Natalia found a pit trap…the hard way. But because of her superb Acrobatics skill she managed to avoid being hurt by the 20 foot fall. They spotted the next pit a little easier.

Finally, they came to a room with fresh water flowing through it, but everyone was tired and they decided to rest for a while, in between the 2 pits.

Game Night 5
Into the mountain

Sorry for the delay in posting this…I’ve been very busy at work. I also updated some locations on the Map of the Winterhaven area.

Leaving Findle to deal with Skritch, the rest of the group entered the cave.

There were a large number of Kobolds inside (15!), including some new varieties they hadn’t encountered before: a Den Warden, and a Wyrm Priest. There were also 3 Guard Drakes.

It was a tough battle, but everyone survived (although 2 people were unconscious at one point).

After the battle, the party explored the cave. They found casks of food and crates dry goods, probably taken from the merchant caravan attacked on the road. They also found kegs of ale submerged in a pool under the waterfall (Kobolds prefer their ale cold).

They found some remains of bodies (missing merchants and/or guards?) in what looked like nests (probably where the guard drakes slept).

They also discovered a section of the cave that was not naturally formed. It appeared to have been mined, and then roughed up to look like a natural cave. The mined section had light sticks inserted into holes. The sticks stopped glowing as soon as they were removed from the walls.

And, after searching some more, they found a secret door in the middle of the back wall (the mined area).

After some work, Wynne was able to open it, revealing a 40’ corridor behind the stone door (which opened out into the cave).

They advanced down the hall, and Wynne unlocked another stone door (which also opened out towards the players), to find a room with a carving of Tiamat on the floor.

There was also another squad of Kobolds waiting for them (2 Dragonshields, 3 Skirmishers, 1 Pikeman, and 5 Minions). The adventurers handled them fairly easily, but one of them escaped through the door on the opposite wall, and down a dark hallway.

Natalia was apparently overcome with bloodlust (or maybe she just really hates Kobolds) and chased the escaping Kobold down the hall into the next room….and straight into an ambush.

Game Night 4
Kobold Lair Discovered

The Kobold captive Skritch screamed in fear. Hilo, Eben, Thovin and Findle tried to keep him quiet and drag him away, while Jett kept watch on the other Kobolds.

Fortunately, Wynne arrived from town with reinforcements. Two more of Lord Orenna’s recruits arrived in town, about 4 hours after Findle (he likes to get up early when he’s traveling). They tracked the party down fairly easily (they weren’t trying to hide their trail like the Kobolds and Hobgoblins were).

After some brief introductions, Jett, Wynne, Natalia, and Hogar moved forward to scout and left the others to deal with Skritch.

Natalia went slinking off through the shadowy underbrush, and was attacked by a Kobold Slink which she dispatched quickly.

Jett and Hogar took a more direct route, with Wynne providing long range fire support.

They were handling the kobolds fairly easily, but a Guard Drake charged out of a cave and attacked Natalia, doing her a fair amount of damage before she and Hogar finished it off.

Jett caused a large Thundering explosion which took out most of the minions, and damaged the Dragon Shield warrior. Jett, Hogar and Wynne eventually took him down.

One of the Kobold Minions escaped into the cave during the battle, but nothing else came out of the cave.

After a brief rest, they decided to investigate one of the cave entrances, and when they looked in they saw a fairly large cave, and 2 Kobold minions waiting for them, and could hear other Kobolds hissing in the distance.

Game Night 3

Once again, if anyone wants to elaborate on this summary, please do so :)

The morning after the Undead attack, Findle the Bard arrived from Brindol with a note from Harrik Orenna explaining that he was also working for him, and they should allow him to join their group.

Wynne wasn’t feeling good (probably too much ale the night before), and stayed in her room.

While Findle was grilling the guards at the front gate, the rest of the group wandered around town for a bit.

After brief stops at Thair’s Smithy and Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe, they borrowed a wagon and an old nag from the stables and headed out down the King’s Road towards Fallcrest to the east. I think they were supposed to be disguised as merchants, but 2 people with cloaks in a wagon with a broken down nag seems more like poor farmers than merchants to me.

After a short time, they ran into Tomas, a guard from a merchant caravan. He was badly wounded and hanging on to a horse with the last of his strength. After the party revived him, he told them of the attack on his caravan. The attackers were mostly kobolds, although there was at least one Hobgoblin.

The party went to investigate and found 2 overturned wagons with minor damage, 1 wagon that had been burned, a bunch of kegs that had been damaged, and a whole bunch of kobolds. Curiously, there weren’t any merchants (alive or dead), nor were there any dead kobolds (at least not before the party killed them).

The party captured one of the kobolds alive (a Kobold Hurler), and convinced him to help them find the Hobgoblins. He wasn’t very helpful (or, perhaps he was hindering them…?), and the party found some Kobolds by a stream and a waterfall.

Then the captive kobold started screaming…

Game Night 2

This is a very brief summary. If anyone else has more time to elaborate (or rewrite the whole thing), please feel free to do so.

The party stumbled along in the dark with Wynne leading them, until Eben and Hilo realized there were things moving in the graveyard.

The things were a large number of Decrepit Skeletons, 3 Skeleton Soldiers, and a Deathlock Wight (wearing Curseforged Chainmail, +1).

After dealing with the undead, the adventurers found Ellian’s house, and convinced him they weren’t going to eat his soul. He went back to town with them, to eat and drink at Wrafton’s Inn.

Eben and Hilo went to the Village Temple, and convinced Sister Mary to go get Sister Linora out of bed and come talk to them.

Game Night 1 - Jett

(If I get any details wrong on accident, please tell me so I can correct it.) Excerpt of Days 1 – 4.

Day 1 – Looks like I’ll finally get to see some real action. I’ve been hired by Lord Warden Harrik Orenna for some mercenary work. He’s also hired a few other people with varying combat specialties, so it looks like I’m in for an Adventuring Group type setup, the kind you always hear stories about. It seems like we might make an effective group, let’s hope it plays out well once people are trying to kill us.

It seems like whatever Harrik had planned for us has been interrupted, as he just received a request for help. We were immediately sent off to help Lord Padraig of Winterhaven. It’s something like a 4 day walk.

Nothing exciting happened on the road today.

Day 2 – We reached the town of Marthton and booked a room with some of the traveling money Harrik gave us. Otherwise uneventful.

Day 3 – The terrain has started changing to foothills, we’re getting close to Winterhaven. I’m a little surprised no wandering bands of feral humanoids have attacked us on the road. I guess the stories always play up the excitement to make it seem like a fight every five minutes.

Day 4 – I should really try to pay more attention on the road. One minute I’m walking along, lost in thought, the next I’m surrounded by Kobolds with spears. I took a few scratches, but they couldn’t stand against my thundering blade or the might of our ranged offense. Speaking of that, I seem to be the only one who needs to run up and say hi to our short term friends. I suppose that just gives me more room to work with.

We reached Winterhaven today. It seems like they’re surrounded by trouble. Bandits taking out almost every merchant going to or from town, and people disappearing in outlying areas. We don’t even get a decent chance to rest before hearing about someone who may have just gone missing. We check in with the town’s absent-minded arcanist, but he doesn’t seem to be of any help. As we go to check on the missing person situation first-hand, we get jumped by some undead in the graveyard. I think everyone was kind of expecting that.

Maps Updated

I’ve updated the Maps section with all new maps, including some markers for points of interest.

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