Chaos Abounds

Game Night 26

Time to get back to civilization. Lantern didn’t exactly qualify as civilization, but it kept the party warm and dry overnight.

Back in Overlook, the RSB explained what had happened, collected rewards and gratitude, as well as another quest: the orcs were attacking Bordrin’s watch. The party reprovisioned and set out the next morning.

At the watch, they discovered the orcs were bringing in a mysterious catapult that had the dwarfs worried. The party quickly volunteered for the suicide mission because hey, that’s what Heroes do.

Apparently, Heroes also give large amounts of blood to stirges lurking in dark caves at the bottom of a slippery slide. They eventually triumphed, though, and set about trying to open the giant door that led to the secret exit.

Game Night 25

Nexus: closed.

Tusk: slain.

Many, many, many minions: also slain.

Party: exhausted.

Game Night 24

“They have a cave troll.”

Not that it did them any good. It wasn’t the easiest fight the party ever had, but they prevailed in the end and finally got the rest they had been craving.

After the rest, the party found the unfortunate remains of The Slayers, who clearly came off worse in a fight with the cave troll before the Rainbow Scarf Brigade showed up.

Inexplicably, the instructions for sealing the path were on a tapestry in the chapel. The water pipes led to a huge chamber filled with catwalks, mysterious tunnels, huge pipes, and mysterious sounds.

They had arrived at The Nexus.

Game Night 23

Janitor caught up with the party, just in time to make a series of really spectactularly bad suggestions. First was, “Let’s boldly move through the center of the trap-infested room,” followed by “Let’s try a Thievery check on this mysterious panel,” and ending up with, “Let’s open this door in the middle of combat and fight the orcs on the other side!”

So, not the best idea he ever had. Probably not as bad as the decision to attack the fire beetles, though.

But the party prevailed, despite a series of missed attacks and loads of damage. Quick treasure check and opening the hot water valves and the party settled down to rest.

Game Night 22
Kalad's Journal

An excerpt from the journal of Kalad, Paladin of Moradin, master Smith of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain

The Massacre at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.

I leave this journal in the hopes that those who come after will know the truth.

The morning of the massacre started like any other. After I awoke and had breakfast, I went to the forge room to focus on my work. I decided to modify my armor today, which proved to be a nearly fatal choice.

While I was working, I was joined by some of the younger students, Barlok, Grella, and Marl. We were working in silence, when they attacked. They came through the secret tunnel. It’s been closed for decades with the fake walls, but they obviously knew the secrets to opening it, for it opened silently.

Marl fell first, with barely enough time to yell a warning. Barlok and Grella fell a few seconds later under a wave of Orc Drudges. I held out as long as I could, but with just my axe, and no armor, I didn’t last much longer.

I awoke, how much later I don’t know. They must have thought I was dead, and left me bleeding on the floor. But I survived. Moradin had more planned for me.

There were still a few orcs in the room, but they were busy…eating. I dared not look at what they were eating, for fear I would recognize one of my students. I managed to make it to the emergency control panel and started the cave in to seal the tunnel. I threw myself clear of the cave in, but I don’t remember anything after that.

And, then miraculously, I awoke again. My left arm was limp and hurt, probably broken, and I couldn’t feel my legs. There was an enormous orc standing over me, and smaller, ugly crone that was closer. I guess she was healing me so Og could question me.

I don’t know how long he questioned me. I drifted in and out of consciousness many times. I don’t remember much of what he asked. The one thing he wanted most was to reopen the cave in, but I didn’t have an answer he liked.

And then I awoke to friendlier faces. Strange faces, but friendly. After a few introductions, I explained to them that the orcs were probably heading for the Vents next. They used a ritual to transfer some of their life force to me, which allowed me to heal my wounds enough to walk again, and we headed for the Vents by the old path. I averted my eyes to the slaughter in the Hall of Heroes and the Temple of Moradin. If I survive this, I swear I will make sure they all have a just burial.

We were ambushed by a hive of Kruthiks before we got out of the mountains, but my new allies are powerful, and handled them with ease.

We arrived at the Vents the next day around noon. A group had arrived before us, and had left their horses near the entrance to the Vents. My new allies seemed to think the horses belonged to the Slayers, a group I have heard of. Perhaps they will have already closed the tunnels. But I must see it myself before I can rest.

The journey through the Vents was as bad as I remembered, but we managed to get through with minimal injuries.

My fears were realized on the other side of the vents. Orcs were in the entry room. They seemed to be arguing as we entered, but I’m not sure about what. A short but fierce battle ensued. I bore the brunt of the first wave of the freaks with 2 battle axes, and the orc throwing firebombs set us all on fire. I’m not sure what happened after that, but the fight was over when I was revived with a healing potion. Moradin still has more use for me…

But, we can’t stop now…there are Orcs coming through the tunnels. The Vents must be closed. The people of the Elsir Vale will be slaughtered if we fail.

Game Night 21

Deciding to stick with the classics, the party set up an ambush of the approaching orogs. Of course, no battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy, and the orogs ended up being a little more skillful than they expected.

But not skillful enough. After interviewing the soon-to-be deceased orog captive, they discovered that there was a dwarf being interrogated in “the furnace room.”

The “furnace” room turned out to be a large cavern a quarter full of magical fire, 10 orogs, a dwarven prisoner, and Ogg, a big honkin’ orog commander. The party cautiously approached the dwarf, keeping a wary eye on the magical blaze lighting the corner of the room.

Game Night 20

As the saying goes, “Where there are orcs eating corpses in the courtyard, there’s probably orcs in the temple.” And so it was. The Temple of Moradin had been desecrated with the bodies of the dead, and an orc witch doctor was casting filthy spells at the party, which didn’t help matters much. The party made pretty short work of them, and made their way in a fury to the great hall.

The hall swarmed with orcs, including a big berzerker and a squad of militants. With a little violent persuasion, the last orc standing gave them important information. Turns out the invaders are orags—a cross between ogres and orcs. Ogg their leader led them through a secret tunnel in the mountains, effectively bypassing the keep that guarded the pass. Unfortunately (for the orcs), a cave-in blocked the tunnel and separated them from the main body of their army.

A quick bit of scouting revealed that a handful of orags were on their way. The party secreted itself into dark corners and waited the opportunity to ambush…

Game Night 19

Alyssa and Bullinda wandered off to spend the days in the city, but the party was rejoined by Jett and Wynne. Off to the Inn, the Mountain’s Hearth, where the dwarf Regen greeted the adventurers with a hearty hello. Talk on the street was predictably centered around the imminent Orc invasion. Natalia also heard something mentioned about a criminal underground called The Lost Folk.

The dining room was filled with adventurers, including “The Free Riders.” Pressed for a name, the party replied that they were, in fact, “The Rainbow Scarf Brigade.”

Yes, “The Rainbow Scarf Brigade.”

Despite that, the groups had a pleasant evening of food and conversation. In the morning, the party joined the throng of adventurers and made their way to the High Hall. Elder Cadrick spoke to the group of gathered adventurers and militia. General Durkett showed the group where the monastery could be found. What could possibly go wrong?

Treacherous mountains delayed the Crew, but they made it there eventually. It turns out the orcs had already arrived at the monastery and were feasting on the inhabitants. Not for long. A quick skirmish, some dead orcs, and 100 gp later, the party was ready to explore the giant monastery of the Sundered Chain.

Game Night 18

Rest, relaxation. Time for some shopping. The merchants of Brindol opened their shops, and Thoven found true love at last and retired from adventuring life.

Lord Herrick sent the party off to rescue the dwarves of Overlook from an orc attack. The party, reinforced with Janster Goldbludgeon, dwarf cleric of Melora, and Belinda, a minotaur barbarian, set on its way. Several days. Two ambushes. The orcs in the final ambush were quite insistent about giving honor and glory to someone called “Tusk.” The party arrived at Overlook and made its way to the Mountain’s Hearth Inn.

Game Night 17

Mysterious glowing sigils on the floor. Have they ever turned out to be a good thing?

Exploring the Von Jallach wing of the Rivenroar crypt, the party was nearly wiped out by savage, cruel…tiny lizards. But they had sharp, pointy teeth. Exploring more, the party found Adronsius the dwarf alchemist. He reported that he had been captured and left to starve by the gnomes that abandoned the crypt two days prior.

The last room. Mushrooms, glowing fungii, and three large rage drakes. Each of the shrooms had an interesting property:

  • Slumberspores (red mushrooms) put people to sleep.
  • Doomspores (grey mushrooms) do poison damage.
  • Cloudspores (brown mushrooms) provide concealment.
  • Shriekers (white mushrooms) make a lot of noise.

Between the surprise round and a gratuitous use of daily and encounter powers, the party was able to kill one of the drakes before they even acted. The rest of the encounter proceeded in a manner completely opposite to the previous one—the party escaped with only one of the drakes’ attacks hitting.

They found an old woman, Zeriska, trapped in a magic circle. Natalia succeeded in freeing her from her arcane prison. The witch wasn’t terribly grateful, having landed on her face upon her escape, but warmed up after she discovered that the party was on their way home.

Arriving back in Brindol, the triumphant adventurers went looking for Lord Herreck. Rewards flowed like wine, and the college of Ioun gave a discounted “Raise Dead” ritual for Kartinex, to which the individual party members contributed generously.


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