Chaos Abounds

Game Night 62

The party found a satyr playing a flute, with a worried expression. After a bit of persuasion as to the party’s (generally) good intentions, the satyr brought Cannor, leader of the Arboreans. The RSB convinced Cannor they were going to kill Karavakos, and Cannor allowed them to search the area for more Splinters of Vyrellis. There were none, but they gained an ally when Natalia allowed Cannor to implant a seed pod in her arm. She was now one of the tribe, apparently, and more power to her.

Cannor also told the party of the locations of the remaining two splinters of Karavakos: The Abomination lived on the second level; Kravak the Damned, a Necromancer, resided on the third level of the pyramid.

But first, they had to deal with the Beast of the Pit. It was a smelly, scary, big monster in, as the name suggested, a pit. Half of the party got flung into the pit to deal with the enormous monster of death, while the others bravely stayed to fight…a couple of rats. Well, to be fair, there were like 4 of them. So…that happened.

And then Hogar flung himself down the pit, rolled down the ramp, landed, and slew the beast with a mighty blow from his flaming quarterstaff. Janster got an immediate, huge man crush on the monk, and decided to make a life change. He left the party and decided to go join Hogar’s monastery.

Game Night 61

After a refreshing nap, the party proceeded to explore a hedge maze, which are now assumed to be traditional features of mystic pyramid prisons. In the center of the maze, they found dinner, in the form of a large, raging boar. And then a trio of Arborean plant bad guys. And then a howling hag, with a nasty psychic aura and a penchant for locking herself inside the hedges. Which the party then set on fire, because fire! After a short rest, they moved on to examine…more grass.

Game Night 60

The party went back to the library and climbed up on top of the bookshelves, for to explore the mysterious door there. The mysterious door opened onto a room with a mysterious statue, of a stone angel (don’t even blink).

Which wasn’t the strangest thing: they finally found one of the splinters of Karavakos, and the splinter had a key. The key (probably the Key of Knowledge, based on the runes in another room), made of admantine, was inscribed with Draconic runes: “First in hardness, not in place.” Which was a pretty riddle, to be sure.

Although it only felt like a short time since they had awoken from their last rest, Hogar had been severely wounded during the last battle, and Natalia was eager to get back to sleep. Which was weird again. They finally dragged the story out of her: When she punched the statue (?!), it seems that the statue cursed her, and she became obsessed with Danna, the hostage the party rescued a short time thereafter. The party agreed that they needed to find Danna, to return Natalia to her dour, but at least familiar, self.

Game Night 59

The party made a detour through a charnal house filled with rats and bones. And powdered bone. The bone fell on Natalia, but the rats ended up being surprisingly easy to dispose of. A little…too easy.

The library turned out to be a bit more challenging. The Eaters of Knowledge, led by what the party assumed was a truly evil head librarian, put up a tough fight. They finally got that guy put down, and found some cool scrolls and powders, but unfortunately, Vyrellis’ next gem was not where she expected.

But the party noticed that Natalia slept instead of trancing during their rest.

And she…snored?

Game Night 58

Freshly rested, the party wandered the halls a bit until they came across a room with some statues, who informed the party that their servant was captive in a chapel beyond. The RSB rescued the servant, who was a lovely lass named Danna, who later turned out to be more than met the eye, since she freaking disappeared pretty much as soon as their backs were turned.

Trying to find her, the party came across some leftover bandits, who were sufficiently intimidated that they didn’t want to fight.

To the library! With a quick pit-stop in a room full of bones.

What kind of library has an antechamber full of bones?

Game Night 57

Gharash Vren (gesundheit!), the dragonborn brigand sicced his minions on the RSB, who put up a valiant fight. So valiant, in fact, that the minion types expired without ceremony. Gharash didn’t put up much more resistance, but that werewolf…sheesh. A tough ball of fur, teeth, claws and bloodlust, it took so much time to kill this guy. So. Much. Time.

But down he went, and the party found a nice set of treasure and a nice set of armor for Janster. Janster was pleased.

Game Night 56

The party experienced many adventures, and lived happily ever after.

Not really, of course. After many adventures, they ended up in a Pyramid searching for Karavakos. A disembodied head in an orb provided very helpful advice, although she and Natalia were sadly not destined to become bosom friends.

They bargained for safe passage from lizardfolk, who unfortunately neglected to inform them about the churning pipes of doom that immediately tried to drown Natalia, who took offense and tried to kill all of them. They surrendered quickly, and the disembodied head persuaded the group to give her the magic gem.

After a rest, they opened some doors to find a great hall with a dragonborn brigand, standing in the center of the room, looking for trouble.

“My name is Natalia, you killed my father. Prepare to die.” And it was on.

Game Night 48

The party met with Orenthor, who was shocked—shocked!—to discover that Paldamar was in the process of betraying the city. He gave Janster a wonderful new holy symbol, and permission to slay Paldamar.

Jendar the Drow informed them that the silver leg bone they took from the minotaur skeleton was in fact, the key to the Court of Bones. He advised the RSB to see the guide Terlin Darkseeker for directions to find it. He also mentioned that he himself was after a small trinket from the Court of Bones—a large pink crystal.

Natalia finally owned up that she had picked up a mysterious silver key that was tugging her away from the city. They followed it to a mysterious door, behind which was a teleport circle guarded by an insubstantial guardian. Luckily, he was susceptible to flattery and fascinated by arcane power, and soon opened the way to the Tower of Mysteries.

The Mysteries in question turned out to be mostly a bunch of buffed up goblins who poured out of a pillar of mist, and a room full of pillars that disabled encounter and daily powers. But they died anyway. Funny how that works. After a brief rest, the RSB readied themselves to step through the pillar of mist.

Game Night 47

And then the party claimed their reward, which was, unsurprisingly, another battle against some gnoll-like demons who were preparing to sacrifice some lovely human women for the purposes of rededicating Baphomet’s altar. The party put the Well of Demons in their rearview and headed back to town.

Game Night 46


Combat was violent, bloody, and long. They fixed the dragon’s wagon pretty well, even with the giant ball of black spiky force mowing people down as it went around the path.


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