Chaos Abounds

Game Night 72
Battle Wights suck (your soul)

After a comparatively uneventful sleep in the room with the leering demon faces, the heroes climbed the stairs to level 3 of the Pyramid.

They found a crypt like room with “malevolent darkness” filling it, but their magic lamp kept it lit up fairly well.

Loodra started poking around in a burial niche to see if should find any loot among the bones, she started taking damage. The rest of the party came up and joined her in taking damage until Wynne pointed out the Charnel Rat chilling in the pile of bones, causing everyone nearby to rot slowly. It scampered away into a crack in the wall once it was noticed.

When Loodra attempted to kick in the door opposite of the one they came in, she bounced off of it most unexpectedly (doors usually just splinter when Loodra decides to break them). And then the fun began.

The door they entered through, slammed and locked, and another door that they couldn’t see directly creaked open creepily. Then a pack of Charnel Rats came scurrying out of the burial niches and started chewing on ankles and annoyingly rotting the heroes’ flesh.

Soon after a Frightful Wraith appeared through a wall and started moaning and wailing and dazing everyone.

And then, the Battle Wights appeared. They liked to drain souls (healing surges) and reap them.

Eventually all the enemies died, as the always do. But the Wights drained enough healing surges that the party needed another rest (even though they didn’t use most of their daily powers). They did manage to find some treasure, including a nice new magic crossbow for Wynne.

Then they decided to barricade themselves in the crypt where the Battle Wights were resting…

I’m sure that will be an enjoyable night’s rest…

Game Night 71
Don't take a nap in the slime

The heroes continued exploring the 2nd floor of the Pyramid, and found tunnels made of flesh, and oozing streams of purplish slime.


They dealt with a Destrachan quickly, and then encountered some more Farspawn Berserkers and a very disturbing Glick, which had a nasty habit of grabbing people with it’s tentacles and chewing on them.

Unfortunately, the fleshy floor dissolved the Destrachan and ate it, which triggered some kind of trap, closing off hallways (with Alissa and nef on the outside) and releasing acid. Once again, Nef’s damage resistance kept the party alive while they finished off the monsters and tracked down the source of the acid: A fleshy nodule behind the fleshy wall.

The nodule was making psychic attacks through the wall before they could even see it. After they beat down the wall, and destroyed the nodule, a dead mind flayer spilled out of it. It looked like it had been dead a long time, so it was probably being kept alive, or animated, by something else.

Then they retired to the safest place they’d found on the second floor: the room with the leering demon faces on the wall, which seemed friendly enough once you fed them. Just don’t stick your hand in their mouth.

Next up: Third floor?

Game Night 70
The Far Realm kind of sucks

Sleeping in the Farspawn Seer’s hut wasn’t pleasant.

Everyone had bad dreams, even the trancing Eladrin.

But Loodra did find a Trash Monkey when they woke up, so at least she was happy.

The next room they entered was like a gateway to a chaos realm. Actually, after a bit more study by the Wizard, she thinks that’s probably exactly what it was: a half open portal to the Far Realm.

There was an abomination chained up in the room, that vaguely resembled Karavakos, but misshapen: its head was twice the size it should have been, it had a mass of tentacles instead of legs, and each arm had become a 15’ long tentacle with razor sharp barbs.

A swirling prismatic vortex caused everyone a lot of grief, and the room itself randomly teleported people. The vortex was eventually dispelled after the Alissa and Loodra combined to destroy the menhirs that it was emanating from.

But, as has happened several times before, Nef’s damage resistance power kept the damage manageable, and his healing powers kept everyone in pretty good shape (better than Nef, for the most part…he spent a few rounds lying on the floor inside the vortex, trying not to bleed to much).

And, for some reason, spectral figures appeared and stabbed Loodra and then vanished again. She shrugged it off, not even bloodied by it…but that’s cause she’s huge. Natalia probably would have been near death after that much damage.

The abomination eventually fell before the might of the heroes, and a green cloud escaped its body and zoomed away. In the rubble of one of the menhirs, they found a Mithral Key, with the inscription “The night is mine.”, written in Elvish.

Game Night 69
Something's not right here

After a brutally cold night in the white dragon’s lair, the party shivered their way back to warmer areas.

Eventually they found the third Gate of Agony, hidden behind some secret doors.

It opened up for them without any problems, but it seems that some people might have been cursed? Although, nothing obvious has occurred yet.

Then they wandered into ramshackle room full of badly constructed buildings. There were a bunch of filthy humans dressed in rags milling about. They didn’t seem hostile, but they also didn’t seem all there, and many of them seemed mutated in minor ways (extra ears, extra fingers, arms turned the wrong way).

They convinced the party to come into the temple with them to meet the priest. After a bit of talking that didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, the heroes decided to leave. But on the way out, they heard some strange non-human voices from behind one of the hovels. The voices belonged to some Farspawn Manglers, who seemed oddly non-hostile at first (threatening, but not instantly attacking).

But Loodra decided they couldn’t be allowed to live, and attacked (they are evil abberant invaders from the far realm, after all).

Once the fight was underway, all of the human rabble and the priest attacked as well. The priest turned out to be a Farspawn as well. The fight was bloody, with many of the lighter armored heroes ending up on the front line of the human rabble charge, and the Farspawn Manglers doing a bunch of damage to Loodra in the first wave of dagger dancing.

None of the “natives” survived, and the party decided to rest in the priest’s hut. Their dreams are not pleasant…

Game Night 68
Onward into the cold!

Beyond the cold room of the Winter Eladrin was an even colder room.

And beyond that room was an even colder hallway.

And beyond that cold hallway was the coldest room of all.

Oh, and a white dragon.

The dragon seemed slightly confused that the heroes didn’t bring it presents. That’s what the Eladrin always do when they come for a visit.

And then it insulted Loodra, more than once, with predictable results (Angry minotaur smash!).

Once again, Nef’s damage reduction magic probably prevented several heroes from dying, and even with that, the constant barrage of dragon breath, and freezing water still made things uncomfortable.

But at least there was a pile of treasure this time, including the last missing shard of Vyrellis’s essence. At least she seems happier now.

Game Night 67
That's not hair

Pushing onward into the second level, the heroes encountered a large blind ogre, and an archer with green hair.

Or, at least it looked like hair from a distance.

When they got closer, they realized the hair was snakes. And the ogre was blind for good reason. Medusa!

But, other than a few close calls with petrification, no one was too badly injured.

They managed to get past 2 doors into a room, but could not figure out how to get through the other 2. Maybe they’ll figure it out later.

And, then they found a room full of icy floors and unfriendly Eladrin.

Most of the Eladrin went down quickly, but the Blizzard Speaker was extremely annoying. She pushed Hogar around a lot, and teleported him away. And blinded people. And teleported herself around a lot.

Other than Hogar and the Eladrin, no one was able to move around on the ice very well. Nef slipped on the ice right away, and stayed prone for most of the fight.

And after Alissa ran out of spells other than Magic Missile, Wynne was the only one doing much damage to her for quite a while.

But eventually, Hogar managed to sneak up on her and finish her off.

I wonder why they didn’t want to talk…

Game Night 66
The Grand Stair

The Grand Stairway was home to a harpy with a song that set the world (and Loodra’s pet twig-monkey, and Alissa’s familiar) on fire (literally), and a couple of gargoyles that were hard as rock (literally).

There were also some annoying trapped stairs, one set that launched Hogar into a 30 foot deep pit, and the other kept grabbing Loodra’s feet, slowing her down and immobilizing her.

The harpy was easily dealt with once Nef activated his resist all damage power. The gargoyles were fierce, and nigh invulnerable when they shape shifted into their rock form. But eventually, the heroes whittled them down to the point that they didn’t want to play anymore. One landed in the bottom of the pit and turned to stone. The other landed higher up the stairs, thinking it was out of reach, but had not counted on the speed of a half-orc monk. After it also turned to stone, Loodra and Hogar pushed it off the stairs into the pit with its friend, and then moved on to the next room.

The demon face statues in the next room were hungry. Loodra and Hogar played around with the mirrors for a bit, until the Foulspawn Manglers showed up and tried to eviscerate them (Loodra and Hogar, that is). The battle was brief, but bloody, and if not for Nef maintaining his damage resistance, 2 or 3 of the heroes would likely have gone down in the first 2 rounds. One of the Foulspawn had some very impressive psychic attacks, which worked extremely well on Loodra and Hogar, but in the end, all the Foulspawn died.

Loodra fed all of the hungry demon faces, and the last one spit out a +2 Flaming Greataxe.

And then the heroes slept. Some more. They do that a lot.

Game Night 65
No one ever comes in that door

Ahh..another peaceful night’s rest in the Hall of Mirrors.

As people stirred, a strange plant creature started jiggling the door handle. Loodra had found another minion (or, rather, it had found her). This one looked like a mass of vines and twigs that somehow walked around.

After Loodra got acquainted with her pet, the heroes continued their exploration of the pyramid. This time, they found a room full of water, with some bridges spanning it.

They also found 2 very surprised harpies, and a bunch of Suahagin swimming around in the water, waiting for people to fall in so they could eat them.

The harpies didn’t last long, but one of them managed to lure some of the party into the water, and the shark-men did their best to eat them. The Suahagin priest managed to make things interesting by hiding underwater, but Loodra demonstrated the famed swimming prowess of the Minotaur (?) and eventually chopped him up with her vicious axe.

After Loodra swam around exploring the bottom of the watery room, they moved on, and found the Grand Stair (according to Vyrellis).

Game Night 64
Dead Princesses and an Icy Demon

After some much needed rest, a badger started trying to open the door to the character’s hiding place. By turning the handle with his hand. Very unusual behavior for a badger. It turned out to be Loodra’s minion (apparently the closest thing to a dog that the could be found in the pyramid). Unfortunately, the extremely smart badger didn’t last very long.

The heroes investigated the headless Eladrin princess corpse in the room with the glowing energy field. It wasn’t too tough for Loodra and Hogar to topple over one of the monoliths, breaking the protective barrier around the body.

But, as Alissa approached the body with Vyrellis’s orb, the orb suddenly flew out of her hand, and embedded itself in the dead body’s chest, which proceeded to attack the party.

It was a formidable foe, creating swirling storms of blizzards and razor blades (which killed the badger). It could also turn invisible, and had a few other fairly effective attacks. But in the end, Alissa’s fireball found it’s invisible hiding spot, and finished it off.

Onward, to the next room…which was empty, but had a peculiar door on one side. It was covered in ice and frost, and was painfully cold to the touch. Alissa surmised that the door wasn’t magical, but that there was definitely something magical behind it.

When they opened the door, the heroes unleashed some kind of icy magical force, which immediately filled the room they were in, and began freezing them and slowing them. The icy room behind the door contained four columns of ice, which in turn contained shadowy humanoid figures.

After a short time, the ice columns melted, and shattered, revealing Chillborn Zombies. These guys were kind of painful to be around, but Nef gave everyone in the room a small amount of damage protection, which made the zombies much less dangerous. Unfortunately, a little while later, a Mezzodemon (big ugly bug with a trident) unfroze in the next chamber, and joined the fun. He stabbed Loodra with his trident right away, restraining her for the rest of the combat. This probably kept the demon alive a few extra rounds, but Loodra was in quite a rage by the time she got free. He managed to breath poison on everyone a few times, but beyond that, and slowly digging the trident tines into Loodra each round, he wasn’t too much trouble.

After that, the party retreated back to the inner chamber of the hall of mirrors for another extended rest.

Game Night 63
Flaming skulls are mean

The encounter with the Beast in the pit has caused some changes to the heroes.

Janster has vanished. He wandered off into the pyramid mumbling something about becoming a monk. Hogar’s flying leap of flaming death left quite an impression on him.

Jett transformed into Nef, a Deva pacifist Cleric.

Natalia transformed into Loodra, a Minotaur Barbarian. Loodra still has a seed pod in her arm, and sees Dana when she sleeps, but now Dana looks more like a Minotaur than a Drow.

And then a flaming skull in a room full of mirrors nearly killed them all. He had some henchmen working for him, but mostly they didn’t seem very threatening. Distracting? Yes. Dangerous? Not really.

But that flaming skull was really dishing out some damage.

The heroes retreated from the hall of mirrors after defeating everything but the skull, which kept flinging flaming rays at them through the mirrors!

They retreated, regrouped and took a short rest, lending Wynne some of their Healing Surges, since she was out. Then they tried to rush through the hall, and out the other side, in search of the flaming skull. No luck, although they did manage to get hit by a fireball and several flaming rays on the way through.

They also found a headless body of an Eladrin princess, Vyrellis’s body to be specific (assuming she’s telling the truth). It was floating in some kind of energy field at the center of 4 monoliths in the next chamber.

Vyrellis urged the party to break the monoliths and set her body free so she could be reunited with it, but they decided that they really needed to deal with that flaming skull first.

So, back into the mirrored hall they went, and after opening a few doors, they found the flaming skull. It was using a large crystal orb to shoot spells at them through the mirrors. It went down very fast (angry Barbarian smash!).

And then the heroes took a much needed extended rest, with Wynne watching the orb while she tranced.


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