Chaos Abounds

Game Night 82

After some more shopping for potions and magic items. the heroes teleported back to Witchcross.

After a bit of investigation around town, they started following the vampire tracks back to their origin. It was a grueling trek up into the mountains, but they found the entrance to a crypt hidden in a thicket.

They barged right in, not trying to be stealthy, and found a crypt full of blood cultists, and some Cobalt Serpents. The cultists went down fast. The snakes lasted a bit longer, but weren’t much trouble, other than blinding people occasionally.

No sign of any vampires, yet.

Game Night 81
A new hero joins the group

After a peaceful nights rest (for a change), the heroes were woken by music, and singing, and dancing.

Wynne tried to resist the urge to dance, but was compelled to dance against her will.

Everyone must dance!

After about an hour of dancing around the fire pit, it erupted in an explosion of sparks and smoke, and the Korreds all squealed in excitement, then wandered off from the fire pit. In the center of the fire, a Genasi was standing. He wasn’t sure how he arrived, or where he was, but he seemed happier to be here than where ever it was he came from.

After some introductions, Venifictus joined the Rainbow Scarf Brigade (the alternatives were to stay and live with the Korreds, or wander off through the Witchwood alone).

They struck off through the Witchwood, still heading toward Brindol. Eventually, the forest started resembling a normal forest again, and they finally found a road.

After a bit of map consultation, they figured out where they were, but they were a bit north of where they expected to be. Another half hours walk along the road got them to Witchcross, a fairly sizable town, by local standards (much bigger than Winterhaven, but only a third the population of Brindol.

After a bit of chatter with a gaurd, they set out for an Inn, but before they made it there, they heard screams from the east. Being the heroic bunch they are (or just bloodthirsty, in some cases), they charged toward the sounds of panic…and found: Vampires!!!

Vampires were attacking townspeople. Most of them were fairly easy to dispatch (but still quite deadly to the villagers), but one turned out to be a fair bit tougher: a Vampire Lord. After his minions were all gone, and he was starting to get beat up, he turned into a cloud of vapor and flew off across the rooftops, far faster than anyone in the party could move.

After meeting with some of the village elders, they decided to help out the town.

But first: teleporting and shopping!

poof Winterhaven: Valthrum bought some of their rituals, and paid them for their help. He also helped fill out some of their Linked Portal destinations.

poof Brindol: A good night’s rest, followed by shopping at Thovin’s magic shop. Also, some advice about what to do with Dragon Scales (make DragonScale armor, of course!).

Next, a stop at the potion shop next door, then poof back to Witchcross?

Game Night 80
Little people and big people

Our heroes continue their trek through the Witchwood, hopefully getting closer to Brindol.

They stumbled across a village of small creatures with goat legs and bushy beards (Korreds).

After a bit of talking, the Korreds confided with them about the ‘green skinned giants’, and how they raided their village and demanded tribute. The heroes offered to help them with their problem, and then a party broke out.

After a bit of food and drink, one of the small people led the heroes to a large dead tree trunk, with smoke coming out of it.

After asking Hogar how to say an insult in giant, Loodra screamed it at the tree and charged. This surprised some of the party, but not all of them. It certainly surprised the 2 bugbears that were standing guard in the tree.

Loodra charged into the tree and was swarmed by a pack of bugbears, followed by 2 green skinned giants (Verbeeg). After destroying all the bugbears in one massive cleave, one of the giants blinded several heroes with some kind of brilliant flash, then generated a cloud of obscuring mist. He was then hacked and pummeled and shot to a point very close to death, prompting the other giant to drop back down into the hole, and Alissa finished off the wounded giant with a magic missile.

Loodra jumped in the hole after the giant, and was met by 4 more giants, who proceeded to stab, trip, and slide Loodra around the room for a bit, before the rest of the party slid down the ladder to her aid.

The giants seemed outclassed from that point on, although they did manage to knock a few more people to the ground. But down they went, and other than Loodra (briefly), no one was really in too much danger.

Then the heroes returned to the Korred village for a fabulous party of dancing, singing and drinking (imagine Ewok party with ale).

Game Night 79
Spiders suck

The heroes continued their trek across the Witchwood, still heading for Brindol.

It was mostly uneventful until they reached a river (probably the “Witchstream”). Loodra decided to jump right in and swim across, but a Hydra had other ideas (mostly involving eating Loodra). It wasn’t a long fight, but the Hydra did manage to dish out an extraordinary amount of damage during the short fight, and had managed to acquire 7 heads by the end of the fight (it started with 4).

After crossing the river, the rest of the hike for the day was uneventful.

But, during the night, a very annoying pack of spiders (and spider like creatures) attacked the party. They weren’t ever close to killing anyone, but they kept most of the party pinned in a very small area for most of the fight.

Nef used his damage reduction spell to keep the damage under control. Eventually, the weaker creatures started leaving when they were close to death. The party was definitely winning the battle of attrition, but very slowly.

Then Nef debuffed the leader to the point that he couldn’t even do damage, and it decided it would go look for an easier meal.

Game Night 78
Wisps like hags

The heroes struck out through the Witchwood, heading directly toward Brindol (or, at least that’s their intended target). They didn’t take an extended rest before leaving the Pyramid, and several of them were very low on healing surges, but they figured they’d just rest at night.

The Witchwood is apparently aptly named.

It reeks of the Feywild (according to Wynne and Alissa).

It also was home to at least one Hag. A Pact Hag, with a cloud of Will ‘o Wisps (I’m not sure if cloud is the right term, but flock and herd sounded stupid).

The wisps mostly were just leading people into the woods at first.

The hag which was shapeshifter to look like a young elf maiden, seemed hesitant to attack at first, but once the heroes started wailing on the wisps, she joined in as well. She probably could have been negotiated with, given the right circumstances and the right person doing the talking.

The hag kept making people attack their friends (Hogar at first, and then Wynne later on). She also made a pact with Wynne so that each time the hag was damaged, so was Wynne. When Wynne started talking to her during the combat, she let her fake skin (and clothes) dissolve to reveal her true hideous appearance.

All in all, the wisps were a bit annoying, and Wynne was near death (again), but everything turned out ok for the heroes in the end.

Game Night 77
Karavakos is dead!

The door/lock/key puzzle at the top of the stairs proved to be quite simple for our heroes. They had it figured out in no time, and got it right on the first try.

When the 3 doors opened, they were immediately met by shadowy copies of what appeared to be Karavakos. This was somewhat confirmed the first time Karavakos solidified at one of their locations and blasted the party with an Icy blast which did a lot of damage and froze several people.

The next thing that gave them trouble were some large faces on the walls of one of the rooms connected to the entrance hallway. The faces screamed at the heroes, and kept dazing them. Eventually someone managed to close the door.

Meanwhile, Loodra had clobbered a bunch of the shadows with her super charging powers, and Alissa blasted a bunch more with her beguiling strands.

Shortly, the heroes had destroyed all the shards and were facing Karavakos directly, in a room with shadowy stones and pulsating orbs of electricity. These turned out to be death traps. Once you were next to one of them, it was impossible to get away from them on your own…and they kept doing damage each round.

Hogar managed to pull Loodra away from one of them before she got too beat up, and Wynne and Alissa kept pounding on Karavakos while Nef tried to keep everyone from dying.

And then Karavakos stepped onto the top of the pyramid shaped dais, and began channeling all the energy of the pyramid through him. Things got a bit dire when Nef and Wynne were pushed into one of the electric “flypaper” orbs, stunning them, and knocking Wynne unconscious. One more round next to the orb would kill Wynne.

But, lo and behold, Karavakos’s only effective attacks were ranged, and he couldn’t move away from Hogar and Loodra without also stepping away from the power that was keeping him alive. So, he used a ranged burst attack on Hogar and Loodra, giving them both an opportunity attack. Lo and behold, Loodra rolled a crit, killing Karavakos!

Karavakos exploded, but didn’t cause too much damage. Wynne missed a death saving throw, but eventually they stopped her from bleeding out, took a rest, and then healed her.

And the explosion also blew a hole in the walls of the pyramid. Freedom!

Game Night 76
Shadow Karavakos

The fight got off to a bad start when the room went dark and things started slicing people with scimitars. Then a door opened, noisily, and something started sucking air through the doors.

The sucking sound turned out to be a portal. It eventually pulled a few people in, and they ended up in another part of the room, being spit out of a shadowy stone (not that they could see it, since that part of the room was dark as well).

Loodra also found a strange castle shaped statue behind a curtain. It made her homesick, but didn’t really seem to cause any harm other than that.

After a lot of fighting in the dark, the heroes eventually started killing the small shadowy creatures with scimitars, which turned out to be the source of the magical darkness.

And once the darkness was gone, they finally started dealing with the nebulous Shadow of Karavakos. He was stealthy, insubstantial, and phased through walls: very annoying.

Eventually, they managed to do enough damage to bring him down as well.

Game Night 75
Maze of Lost Souls

First stop, trapped room. The fake Karavakos seemed too cowardly to be legit, and it turned out he wasn’t. A few seconds after most of the party entered the room, two candle holders started spewing poison gas (Alissa wisely decided to stay out of the room). It wasn’t very threatening, mostly (thanks to Jett’s damage reduction spell), and the heroes eventually shut down the gas traps to the point that Jett’s spell kept them from getting hurt. Meanwhile, outside in the hallway, Alissa figured out a weak spot in the wall of force, and showed Loodra where to hit it by illuminating it with magic missiles.

After a short rest, they pushed on to the next room, which was much more challenging, particularly without Jett’s damage reduction spell. The lost souls in the walls kept a constant barrage of psychic energy pouring into everyone’s brains. More of the 4 armed skeletal guards did a lot of damage quickly (with their 4 scimitars), and then the Banshees started screaming through the walls. It was a close battle, with most of the heroes close to death at several points in the fight and Jett out of healing spells early in the battle (used to keep Loodra and Hogar conscious). Wynne ended up having to leave the room and consume healing potions, and Jett even used a powerful healing potion on Hogar as well.

In the end, the heroes won, but everyone had to run for their lives to make it out of the room before the psychic barrage finished them off.

During the battle, Alissa discovered double doors on the far side of the room, but wisely chose to ignore them and concentrate on the banshees.

Game Night 74
Kravak the Damned is dead

After another restful(?) night sleeping in the crypt, the heroes stormed into the lair of Kravak the Damned, another “splinter” of Karavakos according to Vyrellis.

The room was filled with furniture and other features made entirely of bones, mostly hands, that had a bad habit of grabbing people. They really liked to grab Hogar and Loodra. Also in the room were several large skeletons and some floating flaming skulls.

The grabbing hands made the fight interesting, but in the end everything fell before the onslaught of the heroes.

Game Night 73
Scary things in the dark are scary

After a restful(?) night sleeping in a crypt, the heroes moved on.

They entered a room with a bunch of pillars making up a cross shape, and some glowing statues in the dark. Magical dark apparently.

One of the things in the dark was scary. It made Loodra run into another dark part of the room where she very nearly died (I believe she made it back to the group with 4 hit points).

Then Hogar took a trip to the same dark part of the room and was actually down and dying for a bit: the skeletons with 4 arms (and 4 swords) could do a lot of damage.

Eventually they figured out that the thing causing them to run in fear into the skeleton Cuisinart was a Skull Lord. He also had some Vampire minions that kept standing back up. After they concentrated their attacks on him, and managed to destroy one of his heads, the battle quickly turned in their favor.

No treasure, and the glowing statues were kind of creepy, but nothing of interest once everything was dead (again…some more).


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