Chaos Abounds

Game Night 15
Alissa joins the party

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An Elven Wizard named Alissa tracked the group to Rivenroar while looking for her friend, Jalissa.

She helped Jett, Wynne, Natalia, and Hogar kill some Ghouls and Zombies, with an impressive looking Fountain of Fire (and other spells). The Black Sun mosaic was absorbing light, and healing the undead when they stood on it, but didn’t seem to do anything else.

After the fight, Alissa went and hung out with Thoven, Jalissa, and the other rescued townsfolk (Erin was getting sleepy 8).

The rest of the group found an odd pool that seemed to show images from other rooms in the crypt. Then they rescued a young boy named Thurann, the son of the recently deceased Kartenix, and found some magic Gloves of Recovery.

Finally, they entered a throne room, where they were encountered a Deathlock Wight, a Boneshard Skeleton, and 8 Decrepit Skeletons that kept getting back up. After an extended combat, they destroyed all the undead, and claimed some trophies that the wight had on it’s throne:

Game Night 14

The party began the encounter as it had several times before: with Natalia rashly charging into a room full of enemies. At the top of the stairway, Natalia found herself flanked by several goblin minions, and confronted by a goblin skullcleaver. Behind these enemies, in the room proper, lurked two spitting drakes and a goblin spellcaster. This trio caused the party, especially Jett, significant damage before being dispatched. Fortunately for the rescuees, Thoven hung back and ensured their safety.
Upon finishing off the small goblin force, Jett found, and freed another captive – Jalissa, the adept from the College of Ioun who had greeted them at the portal at Brindol. Jett took some time gently disentangling the grateful Jalissa, and the party refreshed themselves before continuing on upwards.

Peering around a corner at the end of a corridor, Wynne saw yet another goblin, which she quickly dispatched. Behind this goblin, though, was Sinruth, the hobgoblin leader of The Red Hand. Sinruth was dressed in plate armor and swinging a spiked chain, awaiting the party with no small amount of malice. The party was able to keep Sinruth surrounded though, and landed more blows than they took. Luckily Sinruth had no more allies in the immediate area to call upon.
In an adjoining room, Natalia located a sarcophagus upon which the missing Dragoncrest Helm sat. Hogar claimed a set of fire-resistant cloth armor, and on Sinruth’s body, they found the Dragon gauntlets to match the helm, and a note.

[Translated from Giant by Hogar]

Brave Sinruth,
The Red Hand will rise again! The other remnants take great cheer in your recent attacks on commerce coming into The Blight That Is Brindol.
We’re particularly please with your ability to inspire a fighting spirit in others, whether they have true goblin blood or merely with they did. To be blunt, we thing you should have many more soldiers under your command. Many, many more.
And recent events have rendered some remnants leaderless. With a bold stroke on your part, the remnants would really to the Red Hand you so proudly display.
As your bold stroke, do this: Attack The Blight That Is Brindol by night. Focus your efforts on their Hall of Great Valor, for it mocks the many hard-won victories by the first Red Hand of Doom. Take from them the spoils of war they shamelessly hang on their walls and bring those antiques back to Rivenroar.
Do this before the moon is next full. And with regard to your previous question, turning over captives to your unliving allies at Rivenroar is perfectly acceptable. War sometimes makes strange bedfellows and we appreciate how you’ve united such disparate forces under your banner. Whatever prisoners you take from Rivenroar you can give to the wight.
Fight with the valor of your ancestors, Sinruth. And keep your hands stained red with the blood of the weak!
I will visit you again next month, at a time of my choosing.

The Emissary

They also found two maps on his body – one showing the way to Brindol, with likely ambush points marked, and a second map of Brindol itself, with the Great Hall of Valor clearly marked.

The party once again gathered themselves, and then explored down the door opposite the room in which Jalissa was kept captive. At an intersection, Natalia found stairs leading down to a pool with a glowing rod planting in the middle. Declining to explore that room immediately, the party arbitrarily chose a door at the west side of the intersection. In this room, a sunburst mosaic in black tiles seemed to absorb some of the ambient light. On this mosaic, to their dismay, they found two Ghouls and three Zombies awaiting them.

Game Night 13

The gnomes turned out to be the least of the party’s worries. After quickly dispatching a couple of the gnomes, two magma claw elementals teleported into the room.

After defeating them, Natalia rescued the prisoner, Sertanian, Castellan of the Great Hall. He was there, trying to protect the Dragoncrest Helm, Platinum Longsword, the Three Shields, the Iron Gauntlets, and a battle standard depicting two clasped hands, when The Red Hand came to take them.

A total of seven people were taken, which means our heroes had four more to find. On their way out, they passed back through the portal room, and were greeted by another ochre jelly. Dispatching the jelly was much easier without wraith support. After making it back upstairs and resting, Cirtanian claimed some armor, a shield and a longsword and appointed himself Mirtala’s protector.

Exploring the dungeon brought the party to a previously unseen area. Natalia scouted ahead, only to be rushed by a trio of goblins. “Guys, I did it again,” she called back to the party as the first one arrived.

Game Night 12

After pulling the lids of the sarcophagi and retrieving the gold, the party moved into the hallway. After a complicated, and ultimately unsuccessful, plan to use Thoven’s bacon-scented crow to lure the giant rats into an ambush, the party entered the fray. Three rats, two gnomes, and four mysterious glowing statues (of displacer beasts) later, the heroes found a woman bound on a sacrificial altar.

Disoriented, diseased, and malnourished, Mirtala (for that was her name), told the party that she and six companions were kidnapped from the inn in Brindol. Adronsius the Dwarven Alchemist was upstairs in a crypt. Sertanian was up a spiral staircase, around a bunch of corners, and down several flights of stairs. Kartenix the Guard was also taken.

The party moved upstairs, where they found a room of tough Ettercaps guarding another prisoner. Hogar opened the gates of battle for the first time, to great effect, and the party emerged victorious, although bloody. Kartenix the Guard lay, freshly dead from poison.

A staircase down led to a darkened room with skeletons lining the wall, and a gnome trying vainly to hide in an alcove.

Gnomes. We hate those guys…

Game Night 11

“Hey guys, the barmaids are safe! What’d I miss?”

After bringing Thoven up to speed, the party explored the crypt under Rivenroar castle. Natalia found a crypt with some hobgoblins, and prudently decided to notify the rest of the party. Unfortunately, the party decided to explore a side chamber containing a mysterious portal, which promptly disgorged an ochre jelly. The party dispatched it with relative ease, only to be ambushed by three insubstantial, invisible, creepy spectres.

After defeating a party of hobgoblins camped out in a crypt, the party found altars dedicated first to Vecna, then reconsecrated to Bane. The walls bear a mysterious inscription: “Here lie the Rivenroars until the day of the Black Sun. If you seek their monuments, look at the lands around you.”

Mysterious indeed. Now, let’s see what’s in those sarcophagi.

Game Night 10
Ogres are big

Jett and Hogar kept the Ogre engaged while all Natalia and Wynne hit him repeatedly. It was effective at keeping the Ogre from throwing his burning cask, but Jett and Hogar took a lot of damage from the frontal assault.

But in the end, they won, and prevented the Ogre and his helpers from burning any more buildings.

The rest of the town was not so lucky.

Much of the town was set ablaze by the other marauders, and in the confusion the raiders made off with captives and treasures from the Hall of Great Valor.

After interrogating a captured Hobgoblin, the group set off to find the castle of Rivenroar, where the ‘Red Hand’ was hiding out (and apparently had some kind of truce with so-called ‘undead horrors’ that lived there).

The castle was in ruins, but the found an entrance to the catacombs below.

Using Natalia’s Shadowed Legion power, they managed to sneak up on some Hobgoblin guards and dispatched them quickly, but the Goblin archers managed to set off a trap, and then go alert the rest of the Hobgoblins and Goblins.

After a lengthy battle, the adventuring group was victorious, but needed some rest before they continued exploring the catacombs of Rivenroar.

Game Night 9

The three human captives were immensely grateful, although not terribly informative.

Although defeated, the hobgoblins were unimpressed with the party’s attempt to intimidate or bluff them into revealing any more information. Frustrated, the party returns to town, escorting the farmers and taking the hobgoblin prisoners back to face the justice of the village. Captain of the Guard Rond Kelfem took the hobgoblins in and suggested they inform Lord Padraig. They also checked with Valthrun to see if he could translate the goblin note the party found. He could indeed—the slavers were working with duergars in Thunderspire, a week’s journey east of Winterhaven. The party planned to travel the next day, but Lord Padraig called them with urgent news. Lord Harrick sent a note asking for his adventurers to return with all speed: the village of Brindol has been attacked by hobgoblins wearing the sign of the Red Hand.

Valthrun opened a portal to Brindol, where they were greeted by the beautiful Jalissa, Acolyte of the College of Ioun, greeted them and escorted them to their inn. The Avandrian Hostel, a favorite of the local halflings. Unfortunately, hobgoblins chose that moment to attack. Several of the bar patrons perished, and Wynne and Jett noticed that the red hands were upside-down, reversed from the historical Red Hands. Just as the party helped the townsfolk put out the fires from the raiders, they heard a commotion. Peering around the corner, they saw an ogre, pulling a cart stacked high with equipment and ridden by hobgoblins. The ogre snarled, and cocked his arm to hurl the cask.


Game Night 8

After a quick team meeting (all charts are moving up and to the right), the party was attacked by giant jumping spiders. It took some doing, and Jett went down, but after a surprising, and disturbing transformation from Krysst the kobold acolyte to save him, the party was able to dispose of them. The battle standard proved its worth.

The party continued to the kobold cave where they recuperated. Wynne and Thoven woke up feeling much more skillful, and a white-eyed crow suddenly flew into the cave and landed on Thoven’s shoulder.

The party cautiously approached the hobgoblin’s lair. A squad of hobgoblins lined the road waiting to ambush them, but none of the party was surprised. The hobgoblins put up a tough fight, bloodying several of the party members, but in time the party killed most of them, and forced two of them to surrender. As the party rounded the ridge on which the hobgoblin archers had been perched, they found three bound and gagged humans, mutely begging for release from their captivity.

Game Night 7
That's a big kobold

After an extended rest in the long hall between 2 pits, Natalia, Wynne and Hogar discovered their vision was getting worse.

They found a staircase that spiraled down into the darkness (further than the Drow could see with her fading eyesight). It appeared that the Kobolds dumped their trash down there. They decided to investigate that another time.

Thovin explored the small passageway carved out above the waterway entering from the north. He found the source of the water (a spring seeping from the roof), and several branching tunnels. He also found a kobold that was keeping watch (but not very well). He tried to hit it with a bolt of energy, and missed. It retreated down the hallway, and through an archway covered by a heavy curtain.

Thovin bravely pulled back the curtain and was face to face with a group of kobold warriors, with the biggest kobold he’d ever seen behind them. He was 5 feet tall, and wearing Plate mail. He managed to intimidate them, and delay them just long enough to run back out to the rest of the party and let them know what he’d seen. He then tried to lure the Kobolds out into an ambush, but the Chieftain was more convincing.

While the rest of the party was taking up positions to attack the Kobolds, Natalia went exploring, and found a room full of Kobold women and children. She snuck in and swiped a baby Kobold, and tried to use it as bait to lure out the Chieftain’s forces (unsuccessfully), then released it back to it’s mother.

The fight began, and Hogar took the brunt of the first round of attacks, bringing him very close to death. After a fierce battle, the adventurers prevailed, but when it was all done, Hogar and Jett had 5 hit points between them, Natalia was bloodied, and Wynne was wounded for the first time ever.

After a short rest, they pressed on, and found a temple (to Tiamat), and a Kobold Priestess that was pleading for peace. She claimed a Kobold Chieftain and his warriors had moved in and taken control of the Kobold warren, and were the ones responsible for the attacks on the caravans and missing people. She thanked the adventurers for killing him so they could return to a more peaceful existence, and offered them gifts in exchange for not wiping out the rest of the warren.

After some negotiations, Slyyssa agreed to help heal the 3 people going blind, and send a Kobold Acolyte (Krysst) back to Winterhaven to negotiate a truce with Lord Padraig.

On the way back, the Kobold they captured previously (Skritch) agreed to show them the path to the Hobgoblin camp, after Krysst talked with him for a bit. They then released Skritch to return to the Kobold Warren.

Back in the Tavern, they ran into Valthrun the Prescient and got him to translate a note they found (written in Goblin). It was from Kalarel (who was killed a few weeks before the party arrived), and mentioned a spy.

Game Night 6
Kobolds are tougher than they look

Natalia escaped from the kobold ambush by shadow walking.

But the kobolds put up quite a fight, forcing the adventurers to retreat all the way out of the dungeon, with more than one of them bloodied.

They took a much needed extended rest to heal and recuperate, then ventured back inside.

The kobolds had been busy during their break, and set traps (vials of acid balanced on the back sides of all the doors).

After being covered in acid by several traps, they wised up, and started setting them off from a distance.

They found some old barracks, built long ago.

They also found a large iron chest in one of the barracks. It was trapped, but they managed to get it unlocked and opened without setting it off (finding a fair amount of gold, and a suit of magic armor). Then they tried to recover the poison from the chest, and almost had it (with Wynne and Hogar aiding Natalia). But, at the final step of removal, something went wrong, the vial broke, and all three were afflicted with some kind of wasting poison that targeted their eyes (but didn’t cause anything too serious right away).

They also found some secret tunnels hidden in 2 of the barracks. The tunnels were very small, so Thovin went into one of them first, but turned around when it started to get dark and twisty. Natalia crawled in a bit further, and very sneakily crawled right through a roomful of kobolds…which she didn’t spot until she was on her way back out. Fortunately for her, they were completely oblivious to her incursion into their tunnels and she escaped back to the barracks. The hidden tunnel in the other barracks led to a similar situation, so Natalia just crawled right back out.

After a little more exploring, Natalia found a pit trap…the hard way. But because of her superb Acrobatics skill she managed to avoid being hurt by the 20 foot fall. They spotted the next pit a little easier.

Finally, they came to a room with fresh water flowing through it, but everyone was tired and they decided to rest for a while, in between the 2 pits.


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