Chaos Abounds

Game Night 99

A wizard joins the group (and a goblin too)

Wynne finished scouting the house and keep, and came sneaking back to the party. But she wasn’t alone.

Trailing after her was a wizard that had managed to escape the slaughter that has come to most of Phaervorul. His name was Leru.

After a bit of discussion, they decided that they were all on the same team (not-undead, not-demon), and planned to infiltrate the keep together.

Their attempt to sneak up to the door didn’t go well, with shouts from the goblin guards on the wall, followed by the roars of Savage Minotaurs and a War Troll named Gort.

Gort charged out of the keep, and the battle was on.

Loodra and Hogar engaged Gort and the Minotaurs head on. Wynne kept to the shadows and shot bolts into the fray. Leru attempted to deal with the goblins on the wall (and eventually set them all on fire), and Nef debuffed and healed.

Everything seemed like a fairly typical fight…and then the Mindflayer showed up.

As it turned out, the Mindflayer didn’t do a whole lot of damage (in the grand scheme of things), but caused a lot of scurrying about as people tried to avoid it. It did manage to get ahold of Loodra’s head with its tentacles, but it was finished off just before it could start eating her brain.

The Troll caused some problems. He was hard to hit in his plate armor, and the heroes forgot that you needed to use fire or acid to kill it, so it got back up once. But eventually they set him on fire and he stayed down.

One of the goblin slaves survived the fight (he hid after the wizard set the rest of the goblins on fire).

His name is Squib, and he now belongs to Loodra.


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