Chaos Abounds

Game Night 98

Spider legs without bodies are creepy

After a relatively peaceful night in the Drow guard post, the heroes set out for Phaervorul.
They found their way to a bridge across a seemingly bottomless chasm. The bridge appeared to be held together with magic (and webs underneath, as they would later discover).

On the other side was the settlement of Phaervorul, apparently still in a state of chaos, with sounds of fighting in the distance. Many buildings were still smoldering, and a few were actively burning. A large spider shaped building in the center appeared to be intact. That was probably a temple of Lolth.

As they crossed the bridge, the heroes could hear scuttling coming from underneath the bridge behind them. They continued across, hoping to make it to the other side before they were attacked. Unfortunately, as the neared the end of the bridge, a huge spider came out from below and blocked the entire bridge ahead. At the same time, 3 medium sized spider-like things scampered up behind them. They were nothing but furry spider legs, no bodies, no heads, just a mass of legs, and when they died it was like an explosion of spider legs. chwidencha.png

The initial charge of the Chwidenchas was a bit of a shock, particularly as it was Wynne and Nef that took the brunt of it, while Loodra and Hogar dealt with the big spider. The heroes kept tossing the Chwidenchas off the bridge, and they kept coming back (as it turned out, that was because of all the webs below the bridge, which was a good thing for Hogar later in the fight).

They eventually tossed Hogar off the bridge, but he managed to grab on to the webs below.The big spider retreated under the bridge at about the same time, and Hogar decided to take it on, solo, while hanging from a web by one hand. That may not have been the best choice, but he managed to finish it off, and still had a little health left.

A bit of searching below the bridge turned up a little treasure on a dead Duergar, including a magic ring (which makes the wearer feel a bit more agile, but without an arcanist in the party, the exact function remains a mystery).

After a quick rest, Wynne started casing some buildings to the right of the bridge. One appeared to be a fairly nice house (at least before the door was kicked in). Wynne saw blood and gore on the floors and walls, and could hear eating sounds from around the corner, but she decided not to stick her head in.

The other building appeared to be some kind of keep, perhaps a guard house. It was well lit, and there appeared to be shadowy figures on the battlements, and people talking from inside, apparently in Goblin (although Wynne couldn’t understand it).


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