Chaos Abounds

Game Night 93

Underdark is dark, umberhulks are hulky

After a bit more exploring in the abandoned Temple of Tiamat, our heroes decided to clear the caved in tunnel (at least enough to squeeze through it), and start exploring the Underdark.

They found a vast natural cave. A very dark cave.

After a while of wandering vaguely north, Loodra got bored and started calling out to the darkness.

Something large heard her, and started making loud footsteps in their direction.

When it finally came into view, it was quite a sight to behold: and Umber Hulk!

And apparently, it was making a lot of noise to distract the party while another hulk snuck up from a different direction (but Nef noticed that one anyways).

Umber Hulks are very confusing to look at, and most of the party was dazed for at least half of the combat. Ven was so confused, he just wandered off back towards the entrance tunnel.

After some initial pummeling of Hogar (86 points of damage from 1 umber hulk in 1 round!), the fight started for real. Hogar went down pretty quickly, but Nef woke him back up the instant he hit the ground. He stayed prone for quite a while after that, making mostly ineffectual attacks from the ground.

And then a mind flayer showed up, and mind blasted every one. He was a particularly sneaky mind flayer, and actually vanished from sight entirely to anyone that was dazed or stunned.

Loodra tried to ignore the Mind Flayer at first, but it latched on to her as she charged away from it, and wouldn’t let go until it was dead (which, fortunately for Loodra, was before it got to start burrowing its tentacles into her brain).

After the Mind Flayer went down, the combat became a bit of a slug fest. The hulks were able to dish out a lot of damage, but Nef was more than capable of keeping everyone conscious (although Hogar did spend a lot of time on the floor).

Eventually, Loodra managed to finish one off with the follow through of an attack, even while being grabbed by the other Hulk. It then dragged her away for a bit (the Umber Hulk wanted to eat it’s food in private), but everyone followed, so he gave up on that and just stood toe to toe with Hogar and Loodra.

Eventually, Hogar got off the floor and started dishing out a lot of damage to the remaining Hulk. That combined with Wynne’s constant barrage of arrows, and Loodra’s axe cleaving took it down.


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