Chaos Abounds

Game Night 92

Portals, zombies and a lich, oh my

After another rest, the heroes started exploring the temple of Tiamat again.

But before they got far, Valthrun the Prescient sent a mental message to Nef, asking him to open a portal to Winterhaven.

After a bit of discussion, Nef opened a portal to the temple in Winterhaven, Valthrun performed some kind of odd portal magic to reverse the direction of the portal, yelled something about Harrik Orenna and then a stranger jumped through the portal from Winterhaven.

The stranger gave the heroes a note, and a scroll tube.

The scroll tube was another ‘pre-paid’ Linked Portal spell tied directly to Winterhaven (apparently Valthrun expected the party to use the one he had given them previously).

One note was from Lord Harrik, introducing the new adventurer to them as Elodin, and indicating that he should be very useful in the upcoming task, if Valthrun’s predictions were correct.

Having no other information about this task, the heroes continued exploring. They found a Drow spellcaster, poring over maps. He didn’t seem surprised, and actually seemed more interested in finding a way out of the temple than in any kind of conflict. He also seemed a bit unsure about how he came to be there, or exactly where he was, muttering something about being killed by a demon, and then waking up in this place a few days ago.

Unfortunately, the heroes were a bit too inquisitive: after he warned them not to open the closet door (because of the zombies he had summoned that were hiding in the closet), and then Elodin pointed out that he was an undead, Loodra had heard enough.

Loodra Smash!

The zombies in the closet turned out to be very tough Moilian Zombies, and very adept at locking people down via slowing and immobilizing attacks. The Drow turned out to be a Necromancer, and had some nasty tricks up his sleeves. Fortunately for the Heroes, Elodin seemed to be quite capable of dealing with undead, and snagged him with a garrote that kept him immobile and somewhat disabled for most of the combat (or at least long enough for the rest of the heroes to deal with the zombies).

Once everyone could turn their attention to the Necromancer, he didn’t last long.

After the combat, Elodin blurted out something about an undead army rising from the depths, and remembered the other note that Valthrun had given him. This note explained that a comet had appeared in the sky, which made Valthrun nervous, so he performed a divination ritual, and the results were dire. An army of undead is rising in the Shadowfell, from the Rotting Throne (a place of power for Orcus). The only known crossing point from the Rotting Throne to our world is a planar cyst, guarded by Phaervorul, a drow settlement built solely to keep the portal from ever opening again.

The note concludes with Valthrun urging the heroes to investigate, and stop the undead army from crossing over to our world.


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