Chaos Abounds

Game Night 89

Grabby statue is grabby

Another night sleeping in a crypt…this seems to be a recurring theme…

Unfortunately for the heroes, some of them were unable to shake off the effects of the Mummy Rot they caught in their last battle (and even getting a bit worse). Hopefully their next extended rest will work out better.

After a bit of monkeying with the black sphere, Loodra managed to find Alissa and let her in (I’m sure she meant to do that). Then she eventually got another path to open.

The new hallway had a locked door on the left side, some odd fountains on the right, and a pretty statue at the end of the hallway. After a bit of investigation, the heroes ignored the door and fountains, and continued down the hall to the statue.

It turned out the statue wasn’t quite as friendly as it looked from a distant. When Loodra came closer, it animated, then reached out and grabbed her. Then more statues started waking up and moving into range to attack.

It was a very tight battle, with almost all the fighting taking place in a 10×30 foot area (with Wynne, Alissa, and Nef staying back a ways, as usual). Loodra called down a napalm strike on herself (courtesy of Hogar), and, as usual, several people were bloody by the end of the fight, but everything turned out ok in the end.


JesseGM JesseGM

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