Chaos Abounds

Game Night 86

Smells like home

Ahh, nothing like a good night’s sleep in a bed inside a nice safe inn.

After a well deserved rest, the heroes decided it was time to head back to investigate that large mysterious in the Underdark below the kobold den.

But first, they stopped by Valthrum’s tower to see what information he had (and to pick up some more rewards for past deeds).

Valthrum informed them of the translation of the inscription on the door (written in Infernal):
“I bring treasure for the hoard of Tiamat”


Through the kobold den (everyone seems to be doing fine), down the long spiral staircase into…garbage? It appears that the kobolds are still tossing their trash down the staircase, but without the gelatinous cubes to eat it all, it’s just been piling up for the last few months. Yuck.

But a little garbage won’t slow our heroes down…they climbed through much worse in the Pyramid of Shadows.

Secret door opened: check. Black lake of death still there: check. Campfire with deformed humans huddled around it: che…wait, what? That’s new.

After a brief attempt at parley, a fight broke out. The usual suspects were involved in getting the fight started, but this time it turned out that the Grells floating above weren’t about to let the Bahamut worshippers live once they showed themselves. Or at least that was their plan.

The Grell philosopher gave them some trouble, floating high above the combat, till it was slammed into the ground by Venn (by teleporting above it and falling on top of it). He took a bit of damage in return when they hit the ground, but it brought the Grell down into range of everyone’s melee attacks, and the battle didn’t last much longer after that.


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