Chaos Abounds

Game Night 81

A new hero joins the group

After a peaceful nights rest (for a change), the heroes were woken by music, and singing, and dancing.

Wynne tried to resist the urge to dance, but was compelled to dance against her will.

Everyone must dance!

After about an hour of dancing around the fire pit, it erupted in an explosion of sparks and smoke, and the Korreds all squealed in excitement, then wandered off from the fire pit. In the center of the fire, a Genasi was standing. He wasn’t sure how he arrived, or where he was, but he seemed happier to be here than where ever it was he came from.

After some introductions, Venifictus joined the Rainbow Scarf Brigade (the alternatives were to stay and live with the Korreds, or wander off through the Witchwood alone).

They struck off through the Witchwood, still heading toward Brindol. Eventually, the forest started resembling a normal forest again, and they finally found a road.

After a bit of map consultation, they figured out where they were, but they were a bit north of where they expected to be. Another half hours walk along the road got them to Witchcross, a fairly sizable town, by local standards (much bigger than Winterhaven, but only a third the population of Brindol.

After a bit of chatter with a gaurd, they set out for an Inn, but before they made it there, they heard screams from the east. Being the heroic bunch they are (or just bloodthirsty, in some cases), they charged toward the sounds of panic…and found: Vampires!!!

Vampires were attacking townspeople. Most of them were fairly easy to dispatch (but still quite deadly to the villagers), but one turned out to be a fair bit tougher: a Vampire Lord. After his minions were all gone, and he was starting to get beat up, he turned into a cloud of vapor and flew off across the rooftops, far faster than anyone in the party could move.

After meeting with some of the village elders, they decided to help out the town.

But first: teleporting and shopping!

poof Winterhaven: Valthrum bought some of their rituals, and paid them for their help. He also helped fill out some of their Linked Portal destinations.

poof Brindol: A good night’s rest, followed by shopping at Thovin’s magic shop. Also, some advice about what to do with Dragon Scales (make DragonScale armor, of course!).

Next, a stop at the potion shop next door, then poof back to Witchcross?


JesseGM JesseGM

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