Chaos Abounds

Game Night 80

Little people and big people

Our heroes continue their trek through the Witchwood, hopefully getting closer to Brindol.

They stumbled across a village of small creatures with goat legs and bushy beards (Korreds).

After a bit of talking, the Korreds confided with them about the ‘green skinned giants’, and how they raided their village and demanded tribute. The heroes offered to help them with their problem, and then a party broke out.

After a bit of food and drink, one of the small people led the heroes to a large dead tree trunk, with smoke coming out of it.

After asking Hogar how to say an insult in giant, Loodra screamed it at the tree and charged. This surprised some of the party, but not all of them. It certainly surprised the 2 bugbears that were standing guard in the tree.

Loodra charged into the tree and was swarmed by a pack of bugbears, followed by 2 green skinned giants (Verbeeg). After destroying all the bugbears in one massive cleave, one of the giants blinded several heroes with some kind of brilliant flash, then generated a cloud of obscuring mist. He was then hacked and pummeled and shot to a point very close to death, prompting the other giant to drop back down into the hole, and Alissa finished off the wounded giant with a magic missile.

Loodra jumped in the hole after the giant, and was met by 4 more giants, who proceeded to stab, trip, and slide Loodra around the room for a bit, before the rest of the party slid down the ladder to her aid.

The giants seemed outclassed from that point on, although they did manage to knock a few more people to the ground. But down they went, and other than Loodra (briefly), no one was really in too much danger.

Then the heroes returned to the Korred village for a fabulous party of dancing, singing and drinking (imagine Ewok party with ale).


JesseGM JesseGM

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