Chaos Abounds

Game Night 73

Scary things in the dark are scary

After a restful(?) night sleeping in a crypt, the heroes moved on.

They entered a room with a bunch of pillars making up a cross shape, and some glowing statues in the dark. Magical dark apparently.

One of the things in the dark was scary. It made Loodra run into another dark part of the room where she very nearly died (I believe she made it back to the group with 4 hit points).

Then Hogar took a trip to the same dark part of the room and was actually down and dying for a bit: the skeletons with 4 arms (and 4 swords) could do a lot of damage.

Eventually they figured out that the thing causing them to run in fear into the skeleton Cuisinart was a Skull Lord. He also had some Vampire minions that kept standing back up. After they concentrated their attacks on him, and managed to destroy one of his heads, the battle quickly turned in their favor.

No treasure, and the glowing statues were kind of creepy, but nothing of interest once everything was dead (again…some more).


JesseGM JesseGM

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