Chaos Abounds

Game Night 70

The Far Realm kind of sucks

Sleeping in the Farspawn Seer’s hut wasn’t pleasant.

Everyone had bad dreams, even the trancing Eladrin.

But Loodra did find a Trash Monkey when they woke up, so at least she was happy.

The next room they entered was like a gateway to a chaos realm. Actually, after a bit more study by the Wizard, she thinks that’s probably exactly what it was: a half open portal to the Far Realm.

There was an abomination chained up in the room, that vaguely resembled Karavakos, but misshapen: its head was twice the size it should have been, it had a mass of tentacles instead of legs, and each arm had become a 15’ long tentacle with razor sharp barbs.

A swirling prismatic vortex caused everyone a lot of grief, and the room itself randomly teleported people. The vortex was eventually dispelled after the Alissa and Loodra combined to destroy the menhirs that it was emanating from.

But, as has happened several times before, Nef’s damage resistance power kept the damage manageable, and his healing powers kept everyone in pretty good shape (better than Nef, for the most part…he spent a few rounds lying on the floor inside the vortex, trying not to bleed to much).

And, for some reason, spectral figures appeared and stabbed Loodra and then vanished again. She shrugged it off, not even bloodied by it…but that’s cause she’s huge. Natalia probably would have been near death after that much damage.

The abomination eventually fell before the might of the heroes, and a green cloud escaped its body and zoomed away. In the rubble of one of the menhirs, they found a Mithral Key, with the inscription “The night is mine.”, written in Elvish.


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