Chaos Abounds

Game Night 67

That's not hair

Pushing onward into the second level, the heroes encountered a large blind ogre, and an archer with green hair.

Or, at least it looked like hair from a distance.

When they got closer, they realized the hair was snakes. And the ogre was blind for good reason. Medusa!

But, other than a few close calls with petrification, no one was too badly injured.

They managed to get past 2 doors into a room, but could not figure out how to get through the other 2. Maybe they’ll figure it out later.

And, then they found a room full of icy floors and unfriendly Eladrin.

Most of the Eladrin went down quickly, but the Blizzard Speaker was extremely annoying. She pushed Hogar around a lot, and teleported him away. And blinded people. And teleported herself around a lot.

Other than Hogar and the Eladrin, no one was able to move around on the ice very well. Nef slipped on the ice right away, and stayed prone for most of the fight.

And after Alissa ran out of spells other than Magic Missile, Wynne was the only one doing much damage to her for quite a while.

But eventually, Hogar managed to sneak up on her and finish her off.

I wonder why they didn’t want to talk…


JesseGM JesseGM

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