Chaos Abounds

Game Night 65

No one ever comes in that door

Ahh..another peaceful night’s rest in the Hall of Mirrors.

As people stirred, a strange plant creature started jiggling the door handle. Loodra had found another minion (or, rather, it had found her). This one looked like a mass of vines and twigs that somehow walked around.

After Loodra got acquainted with her pet, the heroes continued their exploration of the pyramid. This time, they found a room full of water, with some bridges spanning it.

They also found 2 very surprised harpies, and a bunch of Suahagin swimming around in the water, waiting for people to fall in so they could eat them.

The harpies didn’t last long, but one of them managed to lure some of the party into the water, and the shark-men did their best to eat them. The Suahagin priest managed to make things interesting by hiding underwater, but Loodra demonstrated the famed swimming prowess of the Minotaur (?) and eventually chopped him up with her vicious axe.

After Loodra swam around exploring the bottom of the watery room, they moved on, and found the Grand Stair (according to Vyrellis).


JesseGM JesseGM

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