Chaos Abounds

Game Night 64

Dead Princesses and an Icy Demon

After some much needed rest, a badger started trying to open the door to the character’s hiding place. By turning the handle with his hand. Very unusual behavior for a badger. It turned out to be Loodra’s minion (apparently the closest thing to a dog that the could be found in the pyramid). Unfortunately, the extremely smart badger didn’t last very long.

The heroes investigated the headless Eladrin princess corpse in the room with the glowing energy field. It wasn’t too tough for Loodra and Hogar to topple over one of the monoliths, breaking the protective barrier around the body.

But, as Alissa approached the body with Vyrellis’s orb, the orb suddenly flew out of her hand, and embedded itself in the dead body’s chest, which proceeded to attack the party.

It was a formidable foe, creating swirling storms of blizzards and razor blades (which killed the badger). It could also turn invisible, and had a few other fairly effective attacks. But in the end, Alissa’s fireball found it’s invisible hiding spot, and finished it off.

Onward, to the next room…which was empty, but had a peculiar door on one side. It was covered in ice and frost, and was painfully cold to the touch. Alissa surmised that the door wasn’t magical, but that there was definitely something magical behind it.

When they opened the door, the heroes unleashed some kind of icy magical force, which immediately filled the room they were in, and began freezing them and slowing them. The icy room behind the door contained four columns of ice, which in turn contained shadowy humanoid figures.

After a short time, the ice columns melted, and shattered, revealing Chillborn Zombies. These guys were kind of painful to be around, but Nef gave everyone in the room a small amount of damage protection, which made the zombies much less dangerous. Unfortunately, a little while later, a Mezzodemon (big ugly bug with a trident) unfroze in the next chamber, and joined the fun. He stabbed Loodra with his trident right away, restraining her for the rest of the combat. This probably kept the demon alive a few extra rounds, but Loodra was in quite a rage by the time she got free. He managed to breath poison on everyone a few times, but beyond that, and slowly digging the trident tines into Loodra each round, he wasn’t too much trouble.

After that, the party retreated back to the inner chamber of the hall of mirrors for another extended rest.


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