Chaos Abounds

Game Night 45

Jett decided to stay in the closet, which raised a couple of eyebrows. The rest of the party proceeded to a room filled with mirrored pillars which were, on the whole, Bad News. One of the mirrored pillars teleported Natalia to the extreme other end of the hall, one of them drained life from the hapless victim, and one simply transported the unfortunate being who gazed into it to a remote sealed room, populated only by a starving, crazed gnoll. The rest of the party fought their way through a contingent of skeleton guards, doing their best to avoid damage from the occasional mirror-spawned potshot. Taking a leaf from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast’s book, Natalia wrapped a large curtain around her head to make her way back to the party without being affected by the mirror. The party later determined that all they’d had to do was close their eyes, but everybody had a good hearty chuckle through their bloodied teeth.

After exploring a room with colored pools (This one tastes like poison resistance! This one tastes like poison!), the party made a blood sacrifice into the well to see if they could attract the attention of the oh-so-annoying quasit. They did, and he answered a few questions for them.

The guardian was big, ugly, and would be summoned when the party placed their artifacts (blade, book, tome and mask) on the circles at the same time. If they succeeded in defeating the guardian, they’d get to proceed into the inner sanctum, where they could expect a warm welcome from a bunch of Baphomet supporters intent on sacrificing some human victims.

So, everybody lay down your artifact, on three! One, two…


JesseGM Palpatim

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