Chaos Abounds

Game Night 44

The party found themselves in a hall filled with howling pillars, which is not a recommended vacation spot in the Zagat guide. In addition to being terrible singers, the pillars tended to teleport people to random locations within the hall, such as next to a Balgura. Luckily, the pillars were equal-opportunity howlers, teleporters, acid spitters, pushers, and energy beamers, and attacked the enemies at least as often as the party. Eventually, they escaped with the bell.

Oh, did we forget to mention the bell? The one whose handle is covered with spikes that Natalia inexplicably felt the need to grab by the spiky end, thus driving those spikes into her hand, which was not, in fact, resistant to spikes. Despite having to drag her bodily from the room, the party did retrieve the bell and spent the night safely in a closet.


That closet has got to be getting a bit stinky by now…

Game Night 44
JesseGM Palpatim

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