Chaos Abounds

Game Night 112

Everyone got what they wanted

The heroes went back through the strange door to Deadhome. It didn’t hurt this time. The Keeper offered to take them to whatever exit they desired in his realm, but they still needed to collect a reward from Gyldra, so they came back out to the courtyard.

When they got to the courtyard, Ven got an odd look on his face, then smiled, then held up his new sword Nightbringer, and a bolt of lightning came down from the sky and struck him. When the blinding flash was over, Ven was gone, but the sword was still there, sticking out of the sand. I’m sure he’s fine, in whatever plane of existence he hopped to, that’s just how those elemental types roll.

Loodra picked up the sword, and was trying to figure out what they should do with it when it started talking to her. Then it changed form, into a Great Axe, and Loodra seemed happy.

Gyldra seemed a bit surprised that they returned, but was more than happy to give them the treasure she had offered.

They mentioned the Keeper, and he formed out of the sand in front of them. They said they were ready to go home, so he told them to go back through the portal. Starval the Fire Magus, wanted to stay here, in his home, so Loodra grudgingly gave him back is clothes (but asked him to not put them on till she was gone, so she could remember him naked…he agreed).

The Keeper delivered them to the odd energy orb, in the void between worlds where the spider web bridges were. They made their way back to the Drow city. They encountered a few Drow on the way to the Temple, but Maarth made hand signals to them, and they all backed off.

In the Temple, Maarth continued waving off everyone they met, and eventually they were back at Matron Urlvrain’s thrown room. After a bit of hand signals from Maarth, the matron seemed almost pleasant, and Maarth went to join her. The heroes managed to talk her into a nice reward, and then she allowed them to leave.

Squib wanted to stay with Loodra, and keep playing Adventurer (“Master gave me a magic crossbow!”).

They almost forgot about Orontor, but went and got him before they teleported back to Thunderspire. Loodra managed to extort some more money out of him, and then sold some zombie parts and other oddities to Gendar.

Then they teleported back to Winterhaven, and got some more rewards from Valthrun the Prescient.


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