Chaos Abounds

Game Night 110

Those guys hit hard

The courtyard of the ziggurat was guarded by two giant mummies, and big statue of Orcus.

Loodra charged one of them to get things started. Because that’s what she does, and the mummies were asking for it.

A Death Knight showed up shortly after the fight started. He could dish out a lot of damage. Actually, the giant mummies also did a massive amount of damage as well. Loodra managed to soak up several hundred points of damage during the fight, and was unconscious on more than one occasion.

Oh, and there was also someone hiding behind an arrow slit, sending phantoms to attack people (mostly Loodra). The someone turned out to be Wynne. No, wait, that’s not right. It was Squib, pretending to be Wynne. No, that’s still not right. Loodra pretending to be Squib, pretending to be Wynne? Or, maybe it was a Rakshasha using illusions to keep people very confused. Poor little Squib just curled up in a ball for a while.

Alissa and Starval kept the mummies on fire for most of the combat. Mummies hate that.

And Maarth helped out, again, even if the heroes couldn’t see him backstabbing the Death Knight inside the cloud of darkness. He also managed to blind the Death Knight for the second half of the fight.

At the end of the fight, it turned out that the mummies had infected Hogar and Loodra with Mummy Rot, which sounds pretty bad (it is). Nef tried to cure them during an extended rest, but was unable to make them better (but at least they didn’t get worse).

Fortunately, Gyldra the Hag had an awesome healing ritual to cure disease. It only required consuming some zombie organs and breathing in a lot of zombie smoke (oh, and a small fee to cover the residuum). Loodra came through the ritual in pretty good shape, but Hogar keeled over unconscious (the raw Zombie liver and kidneys was just too nasty for him).


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