Chaos Abounds

Game Night 107

Bodaks are mean and Wraiths are jerks.

Everyone was tired, and running very low on daily powers and healing surges, but they couldn’t find a good place to sleep.

So they went back outside the Ghoul Gate and tried to sleep in a slightly out of the way corner.

Unfortunately, a patrol found them, and attacked them while they were still sleeping (except for Wynne).

Hogar went down pretty early in the fight, from the death gaze of a Bodak. And then a Wraith started beating on him while he was down.

Things were looking bad enough at one point that Loodra let the Devil Magus have his staff back (and he actually managed to kill a ghoul, and help a bit with the other things…and didn’t betray them!).

Soon after that, Nef managed to get Hogar back on his feet while Ven absorbed a lot of damage, and Wynne, Loodra and Alissa dished a lot of damage out.

After the battle was over, they decided they needed a better place to sleep. They decided to try to take over the guard tower they found earlier (figuring they might as well take the battle to them, instead of getting attacked out in the open while they slept).

But when they investigated it, they discovered it was empty. Apparently, the patrol that attacked them were the guards that were in the tower the last time the scouted it. They barred the doors, and tried to get a nap.


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