Chaos Abounds

Game Night 106

Who makes a door out of mummified arms?

Our heroes pushed on, and pushed open the door of mummified arms.

Which turned out to be a bad thing.

A Bone Naga greeted them with a mesmerizing dance. The arms in the door began wailing on everyone. And then the Death Hags showed up (they’re pretty ugly when their skin melts off).

Between the Bone Naga and the “Ghoul Gate”, the players had trouble moving or acting. Most of them were immobilized, dazed or both for most of the fight.

The hags weren’t much of a problem, more of a distraction really.

And once the heroes finally took down the door, things went smoother.

But, seriously, who makes a door out of rotting, mummified arms?

Oh, and then Wynne scouted around a bit. She heard some clanking inside of a tower, and saw a demon and a bunch of corpses in cages. The heroes decided a good rest was in order before tackling any of that.


JesseGM JesseGM

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