Chaos Abounds

Game Night 105

A desert, a bridge, and a river of zombies.

After a disturbing nap in the void, the heroes pushed their way into the scary looking orb. They encountered an odd vaguely human looking person there who called himself “The Keeper”, in the middle of a vast desert.

After a short talk with him (shortest skill challenge ever?) he gave them some copper coins that they could use to dispel the “curses of Deadhome”.

All that he asked in return was that they stab Orcus in the eye with the sword named “Nightbringer”. In theory, Zirithian has it right now. He said the timing for this would be obvious.

Then, they set out across the desert. Starval (the devil magus) helped out a little at first, but after that the Sword Mage and the Wizard took over (they were better at reading the magical energy fields…or something). The journey was long and hot, and there were some difficulties along the way (black flies like blood). Also, some disturbing things were found, including the players tombstones (and they apparently were tricked into digging their own graves).

After 12 hours, they made it to Thronehorde, a walled city on an island in the middle of a river of zombies. To cross the bridge they had to fight their way through some ghouls, a bodak skulker, and some nasty Boneclaw Impalers.

Hogar got tossed off the bridge into the zombie river, twice. Once by an Abyssal Ghoul, and once by the bridge itself. He was pummeled repeatedly by the never ending crush of zombies, but eventually managed to fly back up on the bridge and stay there.

Nef was knocked out by the Bodak and was dying briefly (Gaze of Death is not nice), but a healing potion got him back up.

Maarth was actually fairly effective in this fight, using his darkness power and daggers to do cause a lot of damage to the Bodak Skulk, and actually pinned him to the bridge (and killed him) when the skulk tried to phase out and run.

Meanwhile, Loodra was taken down by the Impalers, but some healing from Nef got her back up.

Eventually the heroes prevailed, but it was a rough fight.


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