Chaos Abounds

Game Night 104

Into the void

Our heroes pushed on to the Temple of Lolth, and managed to get all the way through to the main throne room of Matron Urlvrain without a fight or setting off any traps.

The gore soaked torture chamber between the entry hallway and the throne room seemed a bit inappropriate, but maybe that’s normal for Drow?

After a bit of talking, Urlvrain agreed that the Heroes should take out Zirithian, and offered to send along one of her assassins, Maarth, to help.

Back into the priestess’s quarters, and past the pool of blood. Then straight into the red portal.

And into the void!

Fortunately, there were some platforms hanging in the void, somehow, and some spider web bridges between them. There were also two Bodak Reavers, two Abyssal Ghouls, and a Fire mage (later self identified as Starval, Cambion Hellfire Magus).

The fight was brutal, with Loodra absorbing brunt of the punishment from the reavers and ghouls.

The mage wasn’t very effective (maybe he wasn’t really trying?), and once the rest of the opponents had been felled, Loodra rushed him and made him surrender after 2 mighty hits.

Loodra had him strip down to his underwear (and man, he looked good). He helped them identify a magic shield they found in the webs (Squib pointed it out).

Next up: Sleeping in the void! Yay!


JesseGM JesseGM

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