Chaos Abounds

Game Night 100

Zirithian is not impressed

Our heroes tried to blockade themselves in the guard tower of the slave quarters, and take an extended rest.

While they were sleeping (or trancing), a thick mist poured in around them rapidly, then swept back out, leaving them in a throne room with a dragon statue above the throne.

On the throne was a Drow warrior with an impressive looking sword. He was spattered in blood. He also looked like he might be a vampire (pointy fangs and pale skin are a dead giveaway on a Drow). He claimed they were now in “Deadhome”.

He didn’t seem threatening, and was fairly polite, at first.

Nef decided to go wandering off (possibly thinking it was all an illusion?). He promptly vanished, so maybe he was right.

After a bit of banter with the remaining heroes, he challenged them to impress him.

Loodra attacked him, but he didn’t seem to be threatened by her attack at all. Everyone did their best to impress him, and there were some successes. But in the end, there were too many failures, and Zirithian dismissed them with a wave of his hand. Alissa did figure out that they were summoned to this other plane of existence via a ritual, but they were only there mentally. That is, it was really just a shared dream…they weren’t physically there.

They awoke, rested, back in the slave’s quarters.

Next, they crossed the bridge to investigate the manor house that belonged to the noble that owned the slaves (at least according to Squib). It was filled with various undead and demons, and a lot of very grisly remains (including what appeared to be the Troll and Minotaur from the previous battle). They also found a slave girl, Zaelin, hidden in a trapdoor in the pantry. She was scared, but once she decided the heroes weren’t going to kill her, she gave them all the info she had (and some treasure that was hidden in her hidey hole), in exchange for some food from the pantry, and their promise to return for later if they managed to defeat the undead army.


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